Zinc Benefits...

Helps Sexual Function Aids Immune System And Healing

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The zinc benefits are well known due to its strong action to aid the immune system, but it also aids the body in a number of other areas and is helpful to keep you healthy.

Parsley contains zincParsley contains zinc

This mineral is found in almost every cell in the body. Over 300 enzymes in the body require zinc in order to work properly.

The zinc benefits are notable, yet the amount needed by the body is quite low, but crucial for its functioning.

While you do not need much of this trace mineral, a lack of zinc can cause some serious health problems. This trace mineral has a number of important ways that it helps the body to stay healthy.

There are a number of zinc benefits for ensuring that the nervous system operates properly.

This mineral has a strong role in maintaining a healthy immune system, and for healing of wounds, muscles, skin and nails.

The link between zinc and the common cold is well known, and it is recommended by both doctors and natural health practitioners.

It is important for sexual function and ensuring reproductive organ health in both men and women and aids fertility.

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Zinc Benefits ... Vital For Healing Wounds

Some studies have found that zinc supplementation may be beneficial to help to prevent macular degeneration and preserve vision.

It also helps to create healthy senses, by maintaining your smell, taste and eyesight. Zinc is a vital nutrient for healing wounds and is important for brain function and for aiding mental alertness.

This mineral has a valuable part to play to aid the role of the reproductive organs in both men and women and it aids fertility.

It is important for healthy prostrate gland function, and inhibits an enzyme related to male pattern baldness and to prostrate enlargement.

This mineral also protects the liver from damage, and may be highly beneficial to help you if you have liver problems.

Liver problems are common in people who have chronic fatigue or mcs or multiple chemical sensitivity.

There are zinc benefits for helping to prevent the formation of free radicals, and it is known to have a role as an antioxidant.

This mineral also plays an important part in protection and repair of the DNA and regulates hormone levels.

Zinc Benefits ... Prevent Zinc Deficiency

If you have amalgam fillings you may find that you become deficient in zinc, as the kidneys excrete this mineral in reaction to high levels of mercury in the body. 

Holistic dentists may advise the use of both zinc and selenium supplements if you are having amalgams removed.

Pecans are a good source of zincThere is zinc in Pecans
chicken meat contains zincChicken meat contains zinc
Almonds are a good source of zincAlmonds are a good source of zinc

There are also selenium benefits to aid heavy metal detoxification, but this must be done under strict medical supervision.

It is valuable to look at the long term benefits of getting adequate zinc, as this mineral has been used to help to prevent the common cold and to aid the healing of wounds.

It is easy to eat foods high in zinc to prevent a zinc deficiency. While dealing with current health problems is necessary, preventing future health problems is also possible.

It may boost immune system health, if you have an adequate amount of this mineral in your system.

It is important that if you suffer from any of the symptoms of a zinc deficiency, to take action to increase the amount you are getting in your diet or take a zinc supplement.

Cheddar Cheese is a source of ZincCheese is a source of Zinc

If zinc lozenges are taken once you have a cold, their action will directly kill viruses in the throat.

Supplementation with zinc once you have a cold, or a virus is helpful, and it is known to aid respiratory infections, sore throats and nasal symptoms.

Zinc is also quite well known as one of the most well-known natural remedies to help you get over a cold.

It is now commonly used by mainstream medicine as well as by alternative health practitioners and by holistic dentists.

Zinc Benefits ... Maintains Muscle and Bones

If you have chronic fatigue you may benefit by the addition of zinc, as a deficiency of it is related to lowered energy levels and to adrenal fatigue syndrome.

Weak nails is a classic symptoms of a lack of this nutrient, especially if you have white patches on them as well. 

Zinc has an excellent role to maintain healthy muscles and to help with the repair of muscle injuries.

This mineral is also a valuable nutrient to aid the skin, and many allergic people suffer with psoriasis or eczema symptoms.

It is also known to aid the health of the bones, as it helps to strengthen bone tissue, and ensures the health of your hair and helps you to have strong nails.

Both of these skin conditions may be helped by having adequate zinc in your diet, or by making sure that it is part of your daily multi-vitamin supplement.

Zinc For Allergic Conditions

If you have allergic conditions such as seasonal allergies, there are zinc benefits for inhibiting histamine release. 

Zinc also has an anti-inflammatory action, so may aid inflammation if you have symptoms of seasonal allergies

It was found in some studies that people with acne had lowered levels of zinc in their body.

While it is not proven that taking zinc supplements will be beneficial for acne, ensuring you eat an adequate amount in your diet may be of benefit.

Most multi vitamin tablets are also mineral supplements, so they should contain zinc. Check out the supplement that you take to make sure it does contain zinc.

If you are on the specific diet to assist a leaky gut, make sure that your multi vitamins contain adequate zinc. Also ensure that you include zinc rich foods as well.

Taking this nutrient helps to maintain the integrity of the gut wall and this natural health approach helps to create stomach acid and aids the body to make digestive enzymes.

Zinc Benefits ... Energy Levels and Fatigue

Check out the symptoms of a zinc deficiency , to see if you your health problems relate to lack of this valuable mineral.

This mineral may help to ameliorate sugar cravings, and there are also zinc benefits for helping to regulate the blood sugar.

If you are fatigued it is of value to check out how much zinc you get in your diet, as it may be of value to add more foods that are rich in zinc if you feel you are not getting enough.

Look at the foods you are eating and see if you can add in more of the better natural sources of this valuable mineral or take a zinc supplement.

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