Washable Wool Blankets...

An Allergy Safe Alternative That May Aid Sleep

The use of washable wool blankets is one of the allergy free bedding alternatives, that may help you to sleep better.

Choices For Better SleepChoices For Better Sleep

By being able to wash your blankets, this avoids the need for using any other methods of cleaning your bedding which involves chemicals. 

Many people with allergies have trouble sleeping, because their bedding is either impregnated with dust or contains odors from perfume or the chemicals put into the bedding during manufacture.

A beautiful merino wool blanket is particularly nice to use. Wool is very warm and comfortable to have close to your skin.

Wool has a number of excellent qualities and provides excellent insulation in cold weather without overheating you. They are particularly good if you are allergic to dust mites, as dust mites do not like wool. You can wash them quite easily if you need to.

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Advantages Of Washable Wool Blankets

Washable blankets are particularly good if you are allergic to dust mites, as dust mites do not like wool. You can wash them quite easily if you need to. They are particularly helpful if you have allergies to dust, and may also be helpful if you have perfume allergies or MCS.

If you have a dustmite allergy and you feel they have become too dusty, or if you are concerned that they might be building up dust mites, they are easy to wash, although they may not need more than a good airing.

When you do wash them, you can choose what products to use, as you can clean them at home, instead of having to dry-clean them which uses strong chemicals.

Wool bedding has a powerful advantage that makes it useful for both warm weather and cold weather as it has wicking qualities.

Pure wool is extremely good to keep you warm and true 100% wool will allow your body to breathe. If you are overheating and begin to perspire, it will wick any moisture out through the fabric to the outside.

Lambs create wool
Use washable wool blankets
Sheep are the source of wool

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, which it will wick to the outside.

This will dissipate into the air. Of course most of you will not perspire that much, but it is important that if you have been sick and sweating into the fabric that you air it to allow it to dry.

Washable wool blankets can be washed, but even though they are called 'washable' they should not be washed too often, and I only wash mine two to three times each year.

If you had been sick and perspired a lot into the blanket, you might then need to wash them, but regularly airing them instead is the best alternative.

Dust mites do not like wool either so this may help you if you have dust mite allergies.

Wool Bedding... Using Washable Wool Blankets

Amongst the choices you have for washable wool blankets, are the pure merino wool blanket and organic blankets, as well as other products made from mixtures of wool and synthetics.

When you are looking at buying any product made from wool, whether it be bedding or even clothing, just read your label to ensure it is actually 100% wool.

The pure new wool label is not a guarantee of 100% wool. This is especially true when buying clothing but also applies to blankets.

If you are sensitive to synthetic materials such as acrylic or polyester fabric, it is important to note that the pure new wool label does allow for the addition of a small percentage of other fabrics to mixed with the wool.

Not All Wool Is The Same

There is a reason why I like to buy safe organic bedding when possible. There is a difference in the products in the way they are treated, and this should be very similar amongst all organic producers.

To prepare wool for use, a process called scouring is done to the wool, to remove all vegetable matter that may have lodged in the wool.

I have discovered that most manufacturers use sulfuric acid to dissolve the vegetable matter. It is possible some of the sulfuric acid may remain in the fabric. 

The other thing that may cause reactions is the dyes used in the fabric. This may be noticeable in the darker colored wool.

When buying your washable wool blankets you may prefer to buy the lighter color wool as it will not have as much dye in it.

Some organic wool manufacturers dye their blankets with plant derived dyes, which are chemical free.

Once you change to a natural health choice and begin to use allergy free bedding made from pure wool, you may find that your sleep improves as well.

Improving the health of your bed by changing your bedding may be the best way to help you to discover how to sleep better.

Use An Environmentally Safe Alternative

Wool comes from sheeps wool from organic sheep which makes it a good natural choice to make safe allergy free bedding from, and it has a number of quite helpful qualities.

wool provides excellent insulationWool provides excellent insulation

It provides excellent insulation in cold weather without overheating you. This makes wool especially good to use.

By being able to wash your blankets, this avoids the need for using chemicals to clean your bedding.

By using non-toxic cleaning products when you wash them, this is a natural health choice that will keep them allergy safe.

If you choose to use washable wool blankets you will have chosen bedding that is very warm in the cold weather and will breathe in the warmer weather.

It is possible to buy organic blankets from Amazon, made from wool, which is both an environmentally safe alternative and a good chemical free choice. Comfortable to have close to your skin and good for the environment!

I do not sell blankets myself but check out their range.

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