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Build A Stronger Immune System

Written By Liz Oakes

The vitamins for immune system health, will help you to build up a stronger ability to fight infections. Did you know some common vitamins could aid your immune system?

Having a healthy immune system is important to everyone, as it helps you to fight off infections, such as viruses or the flu.

Vitamins For Immune SystemVitamins For Immune System Health Build A Stronger Immune System

The function of your immune system is to help you to ward off attack from what it perceives are threats to it.

Having a strong immune system is vital if you have ongoing health issues. 

This may also be beneficial to you if you have allergies or chemical sensitivity, that make it difficult for you to fight off infections.

There are a number of immune system supplements that are may help you. In addition, often there are lifestyle factors that may aid you to strengthen immune system power and energy.

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Using immune vitamins in combination with making changes to how you live your life is a natural health approach that can be helpful for your long term welfare.

This may be beneficial to your immune system health and affect your overall well-being.

The health of your immune system may be helped by improvement in your diet along with the addition of the necessary supplements. Many of these are well known vitamins.

Vitamins For Immune System ... Vitamin A

If you do not have get sufficient Vitamin A in your diet or take supplements, you may have an inability to fight off infections, such as colds, flu or viruses. 

Broccoli is a good source of Vitamin ABroccoli is a good source of Vitamin A

The role of vitamin A as an immune support vitamin, is to keep the mucous membranes healthy.

This is very valuable to the health of everyone, but its especially important if you suffer from seasonal allergies, such as hay fever.

Vitamin A in is one of the vitamins for immune system health that is known to benefit most people.

If you have a deficiency of vitamin A you may have a decreased ability to manufacture the enzymes that the body needs to make to fight off infections.

The mucous membranes that line the nasal passages, sinuses, eyes, mouth, throat and gut have an important role.

Their role is act as a barrier to trap then eliminate anything detrimental that may find its way through to this crucial barrier.

This is an essential vitamin, as it helps the body to keep the mucous membranes healthy and it enhances white blood cell function, which helps immunity.

Vitamins For Immune System ... Vitamin B

The B vitamins are often called B complex vitamins as they have work together and enhance the function of each other. Did you know stress can be harmful to you, and that ongoing stress can create health problems?

Vitamin B For Immune SystemTaking Vitamin B can help your immune system health

When you are very stressed, your body uses more of these vitamins, which may leave insufficient to keep the immune system operating at the level needed.

So if you are stressed take this beneficial vitamin daily. This group of vitamins is helpful to aid the immune system, as deficiency of B vitamins can lead to decreased white blood cell function.

It can also cause shrinkage of the thymus gland which is closely related to immune health. Vitamin B6 is also one of the necessary vitamins to boost immune system function and is required to aid antibody production.

Adrenal exhaustion or adrenal fatigue are names used to describe a health problem that is related to stress, and vitamin B5 and B6 are particularly helpful to take if you have the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Vitamins For Immune System ... Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very well-known and most people have heard that vitamin C is useful to take when you have a cold, or if you think you may be coming down with the flu or a virus.

This is because this is one of the best vitamins for immune system boosting.

You can develop a deficiency or lack of vitamin C if you do not have sufficient of this important vitamin in your diet.

The body is unable to make vitamin C, so if you are not getting enough of this vital vitamin in your diet, you need to be taking supplements, to ensure that your immune system remains strong.

Even though it is easy to take vitamin supplements many of you may not. As mentioned in the article on vitamin C deficiency, Linus Pauling has done extensive research on vitamin C.

His work talked about the role of vitamin C to aid the immune system. Linus Pauling discusses how this immune system vitamin stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are important to help fight off infections.

He talks about the role of lymphocytes, phagocyte and neutrophils, and how neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, attaches to foreign bacteria and viruses.

The body uses Vitamin C in the process to create interferon, a protein that kills viruses, so you can see why this vitamin is known as an immune system vitamin.

A good idea to think about is having a daily drink of lemon water. This drink helps to boost you vitamin C and the bioflavonoids.

There are a number of benefits of lemon water not just for its vitamin content, so its worth adding it to your daily diet.

As you do need to take it every day, where possible eat foods that contain this vitamin, as its easy to get Vitamin C from your food.

This is a natural health approach that is highly beneficial to keep in mind, as it is one of the natural remedies for cold and flu.

Vitamins For Immune System ... Vitamin D

Vitamin D may also be known as the sunshine vitamin, as this vitamin is easy to obtain as the body makes it after exposure to the sun.

This may sound simple but even though it takes only 15 minutes of sun exposure per day on your skin to get sufficient to keep you healthy, many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

This vitamin is known to have a role in helping to keep the immune system healthy.

Scientists have discovered that Vitamin D is required to activate the killer T-cells of the immune system.

These cells are part of the defence system of the body, as they may detect and then kill foreign micro-organisms that may harm the body.

Researchers discovered that these T-cells need Vitamin D to activate them, otherwise they remain inactive. This is why it is beneficial to add foods containing vitamin D to your diet.

Vitamins For Immune System ... Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another of the vitamins for immune system health, and a deficiency of this anti-oxidant vitamin is quite common.

This is mostly related to the lack of this vitamin in your diet, especially if it is high in processed food. 

Almonds are high in Vitamin EAlmonds are high in Vitamin E

Unless your diet is high in nuts, seeds and whole grains you may not get sufficient Vitamin E.

It does not take large amounts of this vitamin to aid the immune system, and amounts of around 400 to 800 iu per day will significantly improve immunity and ability to fight off infections.

Vitamin E helps immune function by synthesizing interleukin-2, a protein based element that eliminates bacteria and viruses and may have a role in killing cancer cells.

Taking Vitamins For Immune System

It is beneficial to have a diet that contains a sufficient amount of the vitamins for immune system health, but vitamins and mineral supplements may be required if you do not have enough in your daily diet.

If you feel you are deficient in any of the above vitamins you may need to take immune system supplements to strengthen immune system health.

These immune system supplements are made up by biochemists who may combine natural herbal remedies with vitamins and minerals that aid your immune system.

They often contain a number of immune system herbs that are also known to be very effective to help you.

Papaya aka Pawpaw is a good source of Vitamin APapaya aka Pawpaw is a good source of Vitamin A

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