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Want Natural Sleep Help & Ideas To Beat Insomnia?

Written By Liz Oakes

Looking for sleeping tips to help you to sleep better every night? Improving how you sleep is about changing some habits that will help you to create conditions so you can sleep better regularly.

Having trouble sleeping? See sleeping tipsHaving trouble sleeping? See sleeping tips

There are a number of foods to help you sleep, and some that stop you sleeping, and there are natural remedies that will help you to beat insomnia, but that's not all.

The type of tips that may help you to sleep better include a number of lifestyle changes, that will contribute to a better nights sleep.

Part of the reasons for insomnia is the development of bad habits, that you may find you need to change in order to begin to have improved sleep every night.

Having trouble sleeping may also be related to adrenal fatigue, and curing this health issue may help you to sleep better.

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Sleeping Tips... Is Your Bedroom The Problem?

If you suffer from chronic insomnia, that is sleeping badly almost every night, you are not alone. You are among 100 million other people who also are failing to sleep well.

If you feel stressed because you cannot sleep, this stress may contribute to the overall problem and may be part of the reason you continue having sleepless nights.

When thinking about sleeping tips, one of the first things to consider is the room you sleep in.

It is important to sleep in a bedroom where you feel comfortable and can sleep well, and does not contain anything that can create allergic reactions.

Once you have created a bedroom that is comfortable to sleep in, you may look at other reasons why you may be having difficulty sleeping.

If you have a television in your bedroom, think hard about whether this is necessary, as this is one of the reasons for insomnia in many people.

It is in your best interests to make the bedroom a place predominantly for sleeping.

Sleeping Tips... Change Your Habits

If you are looking for sleep help because you have been sleeping badly, part of the reason may be that your body's circadian rhythm has got out of sync.

Want To sleep soundly?Want To sleep soundly?

If you wish to learn how to get better sleep, after sleeping badly for a long time, it may be because many of you may be suffering from sleep deprivation.

This may make you act differently. If you are looking at how to prevent insomnia, you may need to make your sleeping times align better to your natural rhythm.

Once you get this back into sync you will begin to sleep better.

Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Night: One of the important sleeping tips is to make changes to your daily routine so that you go to bed at the same time every night.

Choose to go to bed at the time when you normally feel tired, so that you won't lie awake.

If you need to change your time to go to bed, try to do it gradually, by going to bed a little earlier, or a little later every night so your internal rhythm can adapt to the changes gradually.

Wake Up and Get Up The Same Time: If you are really tired you may feel that sleeping in will help you, but it won't.

It actually makes you more tired. Once you get yourself into a regular pattern you will feel better. One of the effective sleeping tips is to make sure that you keep to this schedule on the week-ends.

Don't be tempted to stay up late watching television. Record any television show that you feel you must see, and if its important to you, sit down and watch it during the day.

Have a Daytime Nap: Rather than sleep in on the week-ends, have an afternoon nap, but don't make it so long that you won't sleep at night.

Almonds help you sleep betterEating almonds help you to sleep better

Falling Asleep In Front Of The TV, After Your Evening Meal: Many people who fall sleep in front of the TV, find that when they get up to go to bed that they are more awake than usual.

If this is a problem don't sit down and relax after dinner, but do some activity that breaks this falling asleep pattern. Once you have done that for a few days you will find you sleep better at night.

Sleeping Tips...Food and Drinks To Limit Or Avoid

Cut Back Coffee and Other Caffeine Drinks: This is one of the most important sleeping tips, if you haven't been sleeping well.

You may be drinking coffee to help you to make it through the day, but there is a strong link between insomnia and coffee.

How does coffee relate to sleepThere is a link between insomnia and coffee

Unfortunately the caffeine in the coffee is actually making it harder for you to get to sleep at the other end of the day.

The effects of caffeine can be still felt up to twelve hours after you have drunk them. So try to drink less coffee, and drink what you do have as early in the day as possible.

Start by replacing coffee or any type of caffeinated drinks, that you would normally have after the middle of the day, with another beverage such as herbal tea.

There are even herbal teas that are calming that you can try, like chamomile tea. Avoiding coffee is particularly important if you have symptoms of adrenal exhaustion.

It is important for children who are having difficulties with their sleep, not to drink caffinated drinks after lunchtime to avoid night time waking.

If a young child is waking with night terrors, you might like to use the bachflower remedy "Rescue Remedy" on their pulse points, as that is very calming.

Avoid Alcohol: Drinking alcohol may make you go to sleep but it will not give you a good nights sleep, and you will wake up feeling worse.

Avoid Big Meals At Night: Eating big meals at night, that are full of fat is hard for the body to digest. Having digestive problems does not make for a good nights sleep.

A natural health idea that may help is to have lighter meals with less fat, and follow with a bedtime snack made up of foods to help you sleep.

Get Some Exercise: It is important to get exercise, as it helps you to sleep. Its not good to exercise late in the day as it raises your body temperature, which is not good for sleeping.

Afternoon exercise is best, or alternatively get up early and go for an early morning walk or jog. Even if the only exercise you get each day is to walk up a few sets of stairs during the day you will benefit.

Some of the above ideas may sound hard to do, but give them a go.

Make a decision to give these ideas a trial even for a few weeks, and see what a difference it makes. It doesn't mean you can never drink again, it just means you change your daily habits!

Sleeping Tips... Foods To Help You Sleep

There are a number of things that affect how you sleep and what you eat and drink is high on the list of sleeping tips to help you beat insomnia.

Eat chicken meat to aid your sleepChicken Meat Aids Sleep

There are a number of foods to help you sleep, and along with this are foods that cause insomnia. 

Many people find that having a bedtime snack helps them to sleep better, but this has to be carefully planned.

Some snacks will help you to get to sleep, but actually interfere with your overall nights sleep.

Choose foods high in tryptophan, which is converted to an amino acid called l-tryptophan.

This is used by the brain to create the neurotransmitters, serotonin and melatonin, which help you to go to sleep.

If you have adequate serotonin your sleep will be deeper and you will have a more soothing, healing and more recuperative nights sleep. Combining foods containing carbohydrates with tryptophan, creates better sleep.

This is related to the way carbohydrates stimulate the release of insulin which helps to clear amino acids from your blood, that compete with tryptophan.

The available tryptophan can then enter the brain and help you to sleep. The best foods for a good night sleep are a combination of more than one food.

The end result needs to be high in carbohydrates and calcium, and medium to low in protein, but high in tryptophan.

Calcium helps the brain to use the tryptophanCalcium helps the brain to use the tryptophan

Calcium helps the brain to use the tryptophan to manufacture melatonin, which is usually made in greater amounts after dark.

Avoid eating just the carbs, as this may keep you awake as it does not have the balance of tryptophan to help you to sleep.

One of the best sleeping tips is to eat your snack at least an hour before you wish to sleep, as the tryptophan may take that long to reach your brain.

Be aware that the body also needs adequate magnesium in order that the calcium is able to work properly.

Do you have symptoms of a deficiency of magnesium? If you do learn which foods are rich in magnesium to add in, by looking at the list below.

List Of Foods To Help You Sleep:

  • Dairy products such as cheese and milk, including goats milk and cheese. Foods higher in calcium make it easier for the body to manufacture melatonin.
  • Free range turkey or chicken meat with rice cakes
  • Almond paste on a wholegrain sandwich
  • Bananas are high in tryptophan and contain carbs. Have a banana with some almonds or with some almond paste.
  • Whole grain cereal such as oatmeal or brown rice cereal, with milk.
  • Avocado and goat cheese on rice cakes.
  • Tofu with almonds or hazelnuts

If you are allergic or sensitive to various thing, or even if you are not but would like to read some bedroom tips, take a look at my related article on other ways to help you to sleep better.

This article gives you tips on how to make changes in your bedroom so that it is a safe and healthy room to sleep in.

Sleeping Tips...Waking Up In The Night

Has stress been affecting your health? If you go to bed and then wake up again and find it hard to go back to sleep, this may be because you are feeling stressed or anxious, and often it is difficult to know what to do.

If you lie awake tossing and turning, try these sleeping tips:

EFT Tapping: Do a quick round of EFT, also known as tapping. You don't need to speak it aloud, nor do you need to use all of the EFT points.

I often just tap on the top of my head, or my collarbone. Just say something simple to yourself while you tap, like "time to sleep". I find I drift off while still tapping....

Meditation: If you are feeling stressed this also makes it harder to sleep. It is hard to meditate at night without falling asleep, so it is best done early in the morning.

Take ten minutes out of your morning, or even at lunchtime to sit and do a guided meditation.

Guided meditations work well to calm your mind and relieve stress, and you may find that you sleep better at night for spending these few minutes each day meditating.

Do A Quiet Activity: If you really can't get back to sleep once you have woken up, it may help to get up and read a book for a while.

But make sure that you don't turn on a bright light that may make you wake up even more. Use a lamp that is dimly lit, and as soon as your eyes start to feel heavy, turn off the light straight away.

There are health benefits of adequate water and it is important to keep properly hydrated, but avoid drinking water too close to the time you go to bed.

If you find that you have to get up in the night to urinate, have a good drink of water around 90 minutes before you are going to go to bed.

This is one of the sleeping tips that may prevent you needing to get up in the night.

Avoid Ruminating: It is common for many people to go to sleep then to wake up some time later and find it hard to go back to sleep.

If this happens many people begin ruminating on all of their problems, and this makes it even harder to get back to sleep. 

This is where doing guided meditations can be helpful as many teach you to imagine a peaceful scene.

Another one of the sleeping tips is to use this imagined scene when you awaken at night, going to that peaceful place instead of thinking about your problems over and over.

Or you could do some meridian tapping as mentioned above. If you are not sure how to do tapping, check out my article here. Its easy to do, and helpful for so many things

Sleep Help Is Available From Your Health Professional

If you really can't sleep you should see your doctor or natural health practitioner to see what sleeping remedies they suggest.

There are natural sleep remedies that you can use to help you to sleep better. Check with your health professional to find out the best sleep aids.

See what natural remedies to aid insomnia that they can suggest, as there are quite a few alternatives to simply taking sleeping pills.

There are even doctors that specialize in sleep problems so see your own doctor and see what they suggest.

If you have done everything on the above list of sleeping tips, you may find that you do not need to see anybody, so give some lifestyle changes a go first.

Its worth making a few lifestyle changes to get a good nights sleep, isn't it?

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