Seasonal Allergy Symptoms...

Have You Got Spring Allergies or Hay Fever?

Written By Liz Oakes

Have you got seasonal allergy symptoms? Maybe you are not sure if this is what you have, or if its some other problem, so you just want to check out the symptoms.

They are one of the more well-known allergies, and if you are highly allergic you may have been experiencing it every year

Or maybe its worse this year than usual? Many people who have other allergies also have this type of allergy. 

Spring allergies or hay fever occurs in many people every year at the same time, and not only in spring, as they are also common in summer.

If its new to you and you have not had it before, you may want to know the symptoms so you can be sure that it is hay fever, and not some other problem.

The common name for this allergy is hay fever, but it is not really related to hay at all.

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Seasonal Allergies... Spring Allergies... or Hay Fever?

The proper term for this type of spring allergy is Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, and while hay fever will not actually cause fever, it will make you feel very miserable.

Seasonal allergies are difficult to live with. These spring allergies were named hay fever in the past, as they occurred in the olden times when the hay was being harvested.

It is commonly related to an allergy to grass or it may even be caused by a specific plant that is growing nearby. Often it is the total plant family that you are reacting to, such as grasses that are causing your problem.

Often you may have similar symptoms if you are allergic to dust mites as the symptoms can be like those you get from having too much dust in your home.

What Is Hay Fever? The Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Most of you will know a little about hay fever, or even a lot if you have been experiencing it.

You may even have it occur at the same time every year, in the spring. This is why these problems are also called spring allergies.

Often hay fever occurs at other times, as plants that you react to can flower in more than one season. It is also common for it to occur in the middle of summer.

Apple Cidar Vinegar & HoneyApple Cidar Vinegar & Honey

So what are the seasonal allergy symptoms?

  • The first and commonest symptom of seasonal allergies is sneezing.
  • Sneezing is commonly accompanied by itching eyes and nose.
  • Excess tear production may then start quite quickly, especially when you go outside and breathe in the pollen
  • This may be followed by post nasal drip, usually clear mucus. This may make you cough when it goes down the back of your nose into your throat.
  • You may experience a loss of smell or even loss of taste.
  • Once you begin to blow your nose a lot, you may get nose bleeds when the tiny capillaries in the nose break, although this is not common.
  • As hay fever affects the eyes so much, often you will also get allergic conjunctivitis.
  • You may find your eyes become inflamed and red.

If you have seasonal allergy symptoms, many of these may resemble other allergic reactions and are like the MCS symptoms or chemical sensitivity.

Living With Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

There are a number of advantages of quercetin use for seasonal allergy symptoms, as well as a number of excellent benefits from using apple cider vinegar.

Fortunately there are a number of treatments available.

This includes allergen immunotherapy, which is done by specialists who know when and how to administer these treatments.

Use locally grown honeyDo You Have Hay Fever? Locally grown honey can help

Alternatively you may choose to use one of the natural remedies for allergies.

This could include using powdered MSM, homeopathic allergy relief medicines, natural probiotic supplements along with locally grown honey.

If you have the symptoms of hay fever you can take action to relieve the problem. This is especially valuable if it has become a totally miserable situation that interferes with your quality of life quite severely.

It is important that you seek help with this type of allergy, and it is best to see an allergy specialist.

If you are already seeing a specialist they may do allergy skin tests, to see what you are allergic to, and they will probably work out a plan of treatment for you.

How Do You Handle Seasonal Allergy Symptoms?

Another natural health idea that is also helpful to change to using organic food.

If you are not sure why you should, read about the advantages of eating organic food for more details.

There are health benefits of drinking water, and when your immune system is low this becomes more important than ever.

If you have this health problem, it is important to look after your overall health.

There are some natural allergy treatments that you can use that may help you to strengthen your immune system health.

If you have mild seasonal allergy symptoms, and your hay fever is not severe, you may choose to use a more natural health approach to the problem.

There are also a number of anti inflammatory herbal remedies that contain ingredients such as bromelain, ginger or turmeric extract that can be helpful.

An alternative is to use herbal remedies such as echinacea, olive leaf extract or other herbal remedies to aid the immune system. 

There are also other ways to manage it, including using an indoor air purifier or a negative ion generator, which is often useful for helping the problem.

Many of the so called alternative remedies are very effective natural immune system boosters. So they may be beneficial for you to use along with some of the antiviral herbs.

You can use herbal remedies that are mixed with vitamin supplements, and this may particularly help you, if you have symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.

It is advisable to make sure that your total toxic load is low, and get rid of any clutter that may hold dust. This will help you to handle the total load on your immune system.

Take a look at my list of suggestions on how to detox your living space to make your home as allergy free and as safe as possible.

clutter free environment is helpful for both allergic and chemically sensitive people. You may also like to look at natural hay fever treatment options.

Take Action To Help Yourself Get Better!

If you are experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms it is necessary to take some sort of action to help yourself to get better, so go and see your medical specialist.

There are also natural allergy remedies that you may be able to use, if your symptoms are not too severe.

It is difficult if you are chemically sensitive to use many remedies, so first take action to improve your home.

If you can stop having contact with the allergen that is one of the best ways to handle it.  Prevention is better than cure as they used to say!

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