Use An Organic Wool Pillow...

To Help You Have A Better Nights Sleep

Written By Liz Oakes

An organic wool pillow is quite a bit different to other sorts of pillows. They are a wonderful alternative to the other types of pillows that may aid you to sleep better.

Wool A Natural FibreWool Is A Natural Fibre

Even other organic pillows are not as hypo-allergenic as a wool pillow that is totally organic.

If you want a good nights sleep, you may find that changing your pillow to a high quality organic pillow made from wool, might make a big difference.

Of course it is important to choose your wool pillow wisely, as not all wool is equal.

Ensure that you are getting a pillow that uses wool that is processed using the highest quality standards of organic manufacturing.

The first and most important thing is that the wool that these pillows are made from, comes from sheep that are raised on organic farms.

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Choosing An Organic Wool Pillow

There are a number of different ways that these pillows are constructed, but they all should have a few things in common, for them to be suitable for allergic or chemically sensitive individuals.

Even better is that the wool is from sheep raised on bio-dynamic farms.

But it does not stop there, as once the sheep are shorn the wool has to be processed. To prepare wool for use, a process called scouring is done to the wool.

This is to remove all vegetable matter that may have lodged in the wool.

I have learned that many manufacturers use sulfuric acid, to dissolve the vegetable matter, and it is possible some of this may remain in the fabric.

Check that the manufacturer that you buy your pillow from, does not use this very strong chemical to scour the wool.

This is important as there is no point having lovely organic wool then adding back chemicals during processing.

Organic Wool Pillow... Organic Inside & Out

In order for your organic pillows to be labeled organic, they must be made from fabric that is totally organic.

What this means is that both the actual wool, the contents of the pillow, inside the lining, as well as the cover on the outside should be made from organic textiles.

organic wool pillowsUse an organic wool pillow

There may be labeling laws in some countries that allow a small percentage of other types of textiles to be mixed with the wool.

Check before you buy, to ensure that the pillow that you are getting is made totally, 100%, from organic products.

Most organic wool pillows have organic cotton covers and this is also a natural fiber, that is also able to be grown organically.

While it is not common, your organic wool pillow may have other types of covers such as bamboo fabric, and this can also be grown organically.

It is important to use allergy safe bedding as a preventative measure. Using organic bedding is important if you have difficulty working out ways to sleep better.

You spend more hours in your bed than any other place, so not only do you need to consider changing your pillow to one that's 100% organic wool and cotton, but also your sheets.

An excellent natural health idea is to use a lovely organic pillow made from wool and combine this with organic cotton sheets, as this may aid you to sleep better.

If you are thinking of changing your pillow because you have a dust mite allergy, because dust mites do not like wool, this is a good choice to aid your health long term.

If you get an organic wool pillow that is manufactured to these high standards, they are the best and safest organic pillows that you could use.

The Organic Wool Pillow... Different Structures

The important thing is that all of your organic wool pillow, both the inside contents and the cover should be made from 100% natural fiber that is grown organically. 

Organic wool pillowMy Organic Wool Pillows

When you choose an organic wool pillow you know you are getting a pillow that is quite different to other types of pillows.

It is important to choose a pillow that contains 100% wool inside the cover. Depending on the manufacturer, the way that they structure the pillows can be slightly different. 

Some manufacturers have sheets of wool that they place on top of each other. This is then heavily compressed to make a strong stable pillow that will not fragment.

A similar idea is done by other manufacturers who get the compressed sheets of wool and roll them to the size required before covering them. 

The last method is that they simply take loose wool and place as much a possible inside a cover.

Both of the first two manufacturing structures make a pillow that has a strong stable structure that will not fragment after some use.

A Pillow Made From Organic Wool Is A Lot Different

Using an organic wool pillow is a lot different to other sorts of pillows. For the most part this is because you do not have to breathe in the smell of any type of other textile while you are sleeping.

I love my pillowI love my pillow

This is an excellent natural health choice, and I also like the way it feels as it is more comfortable than most other pillows too. When it wears out it can be safely put in your garden.

This means it has a low impact on the environment while being produced, and a positive impact when it is composted and returned safely to the earth.

Of course it is important to choose wisely and ensure that you are getting a pillow that uses wool that is processed using the highest quality standards of organic manufacturing.

Make sure you buy your pillow from an organic bedding company that has organic certification and you will get a pillow that is an excellent alternative to other sorts of pillows.

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