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Better For You And Better For The Environment!

Written By Liz Oakes

Organic pillows are a good choice for when you are thinking of replacing your pillows, and want the safest alternative that is available. 

Are you wondering the best choice to make? If so lets look at possible alternatives for replacing your old pillows. 

Organic PillowsMy Organic Wool Pillows

Perhaps you have recently discovered that you are allergic to dustmites? If so you may realize you need to change the pillows that you have been using, as it may be unhealthy to use them any more.

Pillows that are old and feel heavy may be full of dust and dust mites. When you have owned your pillows for a long time, you need to be aware that it may be time to replace them.

Although some pillows that are made from polyester may be labeled allergy safe, polyester is totally unnatural.

Polyester is a chemical product made in a factory, and the finished product is full of chemicals, because this is what these pillows are made from.

Many of these pillows take a long time to be free from the strong chemical odor that the manufacturing process puts into them. For those with chemical sensitivities or allergies, you may find these chemical smells hard to manage.

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Old Pillows Hold Dust and Dust Mites!

You also need to be careful if you are buying a latex pillow, as some latex is a man-made synthetic material, that is made from petrochemicals. Some may also be partly synthetic latex mixed with natural latex.

If you are having trouble sleeping, a new pillow that is made from a safe allergy free and organic textile may be the answer to how to sleep better.

Pillows can hold a lot of dust, so if your pillows are old and heavy you may want to consider replacing them.

If you have been to the specialist and have been told that you have an allergy to dust mites, you may decide that it is necessary for you to replace them. A good alternative is to substitute new allergy safe bedding.

What Are The Benefits of Organic Pillows?

A safer and more earth friendly approach is to replace your current pillow with something that is made from natural organic fabrics, such as cotton, wool or latex.

If you are wondering why you would choose organic over other fabrics, there are a number of benefits that you may like to consider.

Use An Organic PillowUse An Organic Pillow

These benefits include:

  • While you are sleeping you body is in contact with your bedding for around eight to ten hours each night. So you need to be sure that what you are using is safe for your health.
  • The effect of producing organic textiles is kinder to our environment.
  • Organic products are a good natural health choice as they do not impact the environment in a detrimental way, so you know you are doing your bit for the health of the planet.
  • Organic bedding is hypoallergenic, so it is a good choice if you are allergic or sensitive. It is important to choose a product that will not cause you any type of reaction that will effect your health.
  • Lastly your comfort. Organic bedding is pleasant to have against your skin. 
  • Lovely organic wool pillows are lovely to have close to you, and as you have your face up against your pillow for many hours a night, you need to be sure that you make both a healthy and comfortable choice. 
  • By choosing one of the organic pillows, you can ensure that you choose a pillow that is better in a number of different ways.

Types of Organic Pillows

Organic wool pillows or an organic latex pillows are the two most common types of pillows in the organic range. It is also possible to get organic cotton pillows as well as buckwheat pillows amongst the other choices you can look at.

Latex and rubber are the same thing, so depending on the way the manufacturer wants to describe them, it may be possible to buy it sold as a rubber or as a latex pillow.

They may be a solid latex pillow or made from shredded rubber, but both are a natural health option that you may consider.

Organic Pillows Are A Better Alternative

Organic pillows are covered with allergy pillow covers when they are making the pillows.

These covers are usually made from pure organic cotton fabric, which is a natural fiber that is grown organically.

Have a look at the range of different organic pillows as they are a much better alternative to use. These are better than using synthetic, polyester or other man-made material.

If you have just found out that you have dust mite allergies, it is a good idea to replace your pillows.

While it is always challenging when replacing any type of bedding and a new pillow can be hard to get used to, you will want to use the safest alternative that is available if you need a new pillow.

If you choose a healthy fabric, and you will find that once that old dust laden pillow is gone that this will be a change for the better, and this may be beneficial when you are looking at how to sleep better.

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