Organic Food Advantages

Why Should You Eat Organic Food?

Written By Liz Oakes

The following organic food advantages may help you to decide if eating organic is the choice for you.

Grocery stores and farmers markets sell more and more organic foods, but what are the organic food benefits and do the facts tells us they are better for you?

Organically grown eggplantOrganically grown eggplant, from my veggie patch

If you are allergic or chemically sensitive you may be limiting what items you buy from necessity, so maybe you wonder about the need to eat organic food.

Are you aware what is in these fresh products, if they are not organically produced?

Probably if you have been looking after your diet you may already eat less processed food and more fruit and vegetables.

This is all about choice, about choosing to eat organic food. Certified organic foods are produced using a number of different methods that go into making the end product quite different than fruit, vegetables and grains grown using conventional methods.

Organic Food Advantages ... What Is Organic Food?

What the are organic food benefits and why eat organic food? Is organic food better and what makes a farm growing organic food different?

The major difference is that organic food products are produced naturally. Because they use these natural growing methods and practices, they are able to state that their products are different.

The first of the organic food advantages to be aware of, is what the farmers growing organic food don't do.

Organic farmers don't spray their crops with harmful pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals designed to kill insects and other creatures that inhabit the crops.

If you eat non-organic food, the problem is that the toxic residue from the chemicals they use ends up in what you eat. When you eat them, these toxic chemicals end up in you.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world and has grown significantly in recent years, and is related to the amount of toxic chemicals polluting the body.

Organically grown sweet potatoOrganically grown sweet potato

It is beneficial to increase your water intake to assist you to eliminate toxins and to help you to strengthen your immune system health.

Having enough water to flush out toxins is valuable, and there are many health benefits of drinking enough water, especially if you are allergic.

It is particularly valuable to increase how much water you drink, if you have problems with seasonal allergy symptoms, when drinking good quality filtered water and eating organic food is very important.

Organic Food Advantages... Organic Raw Food

One of the benefits of organic food is that organic farmers do not use chemical fertilizers, but use natural fertilizers and methods that create a balance in the soil. This allows the natural micro-organisms in the soil to grow.

Organically grown parsleyOrganically grown parsley

This balance in the soil allows healthier plants to grow, and creates food with more vitamins and natural enzymes.

If you eat organic raw food you are getting fruit and vegetables that have more natural nutrients and vitamins in them.

Vitamins and enzymes are killed off when pesticides and other chemicals are used, and the unnatural chemicals in the soil also are bad for the environment.

The run off from these farms has been known to pollute our waterways, which is also a concern.

Conventional farms have been depleting the soil over many years, and in many areas the soil is becoming so bad that it will take a very long time and a lot of effort to restore it to fertile soil.

One of the organic food facts that makes organic food better is the methods used by organic farmers. Organic farmers use farming methods that create balance in the soil, and return nutrients to the soil on an ongoing basis.

They allow the soil to rest when required, just as our ancestors did. The result is healthy plants and healthy soil, and lovely healthy produce to eat. 

Eating healthy organic food is of value so you do not end up consuming a product that contains drugs you did not intend to ingest.

Livestock that are grown on organic farms, and who eat fresh grass grown without the use of chemicals are also healthier and happier. Organic farmers do not pump their animals full of antibiotics or hormones to make them grow faster.

One of the problems is that the body does not eliminate these toxic chemicals, but stores them, both in your liver and the fat deposits of your body.

Organic Food Advantages... Organic Certification

The definition of organic food is food that is grown in ways as described above, that allows a farm to claim organic certification. It is because food that is grown organically is so different that governments have created the certification process.

This process not only covers organic farms growing food, but also applies to farms who produce organic cotton and wool, used to make bedding such as organic sheets and clothing.

The last of the organic food advantages is that farmers must have their farm run on organic principles for three years before they can gain certification.

Both the soil and the produce is tested and they must be proved to be free from chemicals and only then can they obtain organic certification.

Check that your certified products are really organic food, by ensuring they are labeled certified organic. Be sure to take notice of the organic food labeling, when buying your organic products.

A Matter Of Choice... Choose To Eat Organic

Eating organic food prevents you from ingesting chemicals that you would not eat if you had an alternative. So it is a matter of choice, about choosing to eat organic food.

If you have been watching your diet you may be eating more fruit and vegetables.

So be aware of the role of nutrients and vitamins on good health, and the advantages of organic food, as eating organic foods is one way to easily create better health outcomes.

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