Olive Leaf Extract Benefits... 

A Powerful Bitters Herb

Written By Liz Oakes

The olive leaf extract benefits have been known about by the Mediterranean people for thousands of years. It has been used to treat a variety of health conditions.

Olive leavesOlive leaves

This bitters herb is particularly helpful to aid fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as it enhances energy production in the body.

It is excellent to fight infections, and viruses across a range of health conditions and inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Scientists who investigated olive leaf extract in the 19th century, named its active ingredient oleuropein.

When in-depth research began in the 1960's, they discovered that it was able to help a large number of different health problems.

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This is an anti viral herb, and helps a number of conditions including treating infections, pain and fever. As mentioned above, the active ingredient in olive leaf extract is known as oleuropein or elenolic acid.

This is one of a series of phytochemicals in the leaves called secoiridoids. Oleuropein has many powerful properties, including being antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial, as well as being a powerful cardiovascular aid.

Olive leaf is one of the bitter herbs, and it has a very large number of positive actions in the body, including being one of the wide-spectrum natural antibiotics.

Researchers in Holland found that this active ingredient inhibited the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. 

In addition, researchers discovered that due to the fact that the overuse of antibiotic drugs has resulted in resistant bacteria, this is a natural alternative that is a very effective anti-viral and antibacterial treatment.

Olive Leaves Grown Since Ancient Times

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used olive oil to prevent health problems so the ancients knew that this tree has special properties. Natural herbal remedies based on the olive leaf extract are only fairly recent.

Olive trees have been growing in the Mediterranean countries for hundreds of years and so it is not surprising that the effectiveness of their leaves would have been discovered and utilized for healing.

It took researchers some time to develop remedies, but it is now known that this compound has powerful therapeutic benefits. When you look at the photo below and recognize the age of the trees, you may feel awed that these old trees are still producing.

Olives trees on ThasosOlive trees on Thasos

These ancient olive trees possibly were grown for a variety of different reasons, as olive trees provide fruit, which may be eaten or made into olive oil.

These evergreen trees provided the people with oil that was not only used in their diet but also grown as an item for trading in ancient times. Olive oil is still produced by the people of these areas today.

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits ... Aids Chronic Fatigue

It is known to be amongst the better natural remedies for colds and flu, and this immune boosting capability may be why. It is very effective to help influenza and viruses, emphysema, respiratory and lung conditions.

Olive leaves and budsOlive leaves and buds just forming

There are many olive leaf extract benefits that may be advantageous to you if you have chemical sensitivity, and it also helps those with chronic fatigue.

This is a problem suffered by many people who are sensitive to chemicals, who often feel exhausted or as some would say they seem to be always tired. 

It is a natural remedy made from herbs that also has an effect to help hypoglycemia and generally aids in the management of blood sugar levels.

This remedy is known to produce heightened energy levels and a feeling of enhanced well-being.

This active ingredient oleuropein is of benefit to you if you have allergies. It is a powerful remedy to aid the immune system.

Researchers found that there were benefits of olive leaf extract to help the energy levels of those with epstein-barr, lupus, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you have any of these problems olive leaf extract may be helpful to you, so try this remedy to see if you may benefit from it.

As many people with severe candida often have intense sugar cravings associated with the problem, this natural health approach may be helpful to aid this. 

Olive leaf extract is also excellent to aid systemic candidiasis, also known as thrush. Candida or yeast infections are often associated with those who have suffered chemical poisoning, and who have severe chemical sensitivity.

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits... Anti Inflammatory

This is a highly beneficial remedy to help inflammation in the body, as it is one of the natural herbal anti inflammatories. It is known as a good remedy to aid recurrent cystitis, fungal and parasitic infections.  

There are a number of olive leaf extract benefits to aid you to heal your leaky gut. You can now get this remedy mixed with probiotics this may help you if you have leaky gut syndrome.

There are many olive leaf extract benefits as it is a natural pain reliever. It is one of the more efficient anti-inflammatory herbs that may help you if you have been suffering from pain and it is also known to help toothache.

One of its major uses more recently is to help to lower high blood pressure. This has been researched widely, as researchers were looking for an agent that would enhance cardiovascular health, as well as high blood pressure natural remedies.

This research has led to it being known as one of the herbs that lower blood pressure. This herbal remedy is also known to be an excellent natural antioxidant, protecting the blood vessels from damage from free radicals.

They also found that it is one of the herbs to use for viruses that also works to stimulate the immune system to work more effectively and to fight off the invaders in your body. 

It is now well known as one of the best herbs to boost your immune system, as a lot of research has been done on olive leaf extract benefits and its powerful action to kill viruses and bacteria. 

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits... Side Effects

Once you discover more information about using olive leaf extract and use it to aid your health, your energy levels will increase and you will feel much better. 

Note that when you first use this remedy you may find that you get side effects from using it. This may include headaches, a side effect of killing off bad bacteria in your system.

This is a natural detox reaction that can be helped by increasing the amount of water you drink. 

This is a good natural health idea as there are a large number of health benefits of drinking sufficient water every day, so this may benefit your health overall. 

Start with small doses of the olive leaf extract and increase it gradually, spacing it out through the day if possible, and drink as much filtered water as possible between doses.

If you have difficulty drinking enough water check out my article, link below, which has a number of tips to help you to drink more water. There are so many olive leaf extract benefits that it is worth persevering with it.

When buying your Olive Leaf Extract ensure you get only standardized herbal olive leaf extract, as it contains the highest amount of the active ingredient oleuropein. 

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