Natural Wood Flooring...

May Aid You If You're Allergic To Dust Mites

Natural wood flooring is becoming more popular as more people are found to be allergic to dust and dust mites. 

There are a number of benefits to having wood floors in your home, and while its not just about looks, they do look good.

Allergies are becoming more prevalent in our society, so making your home as allergy safe as possible is advisable.

If you are an allergic or chemically sensitive person, the choices you make will need to be considered carefully. 

This is one choice that has many advantages that may help to improve your life long term.

Wood flooring is extremely hypoallergenic as its so easy to clean off the dust.

The important thing to note about wood flooring is that if you can see the dust on it, this means that the dust is there.

On carpets you can't see the dust, but it will still be there, hidden in the fibers. When you walk over carpeted floor you may disturb the dust and may not be aware of it, and this can be a reason for health problems.

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Wood flooring can be used throughout your whole home, and is particularly good for the bedroom where you need to be able to spend your sleeping hours free from risk of dust effecting you.

It is important to choose a product that will not cause you any type of reaction that will effect your health.

Cleaning wood floors is extremely easy, as the dust is easily visible and can be picked up as it is not caught in the fibers of the flooring.

List Of Benefits of Natural Wood Flooring

When you are renovating your home it is so important to consider your allergies. If you are wondering why you would choose wood flooring over types of flooring, there are a number of natural health benefits that you may like to think about.

The list of these benefits include:

  • Extremely hypoallergenic, especially for those of you who are allergic to dust mites
  • Easy to clean and keep dust free
  • No fibers to trap and hold dust
  • Saves cost of replacing as it lasts a long time
  • The rich colors of wood come in a range of shades, that all look good
  • Cool on feet in summer, yet comfortable in winter
  • Improves resale value of your home.

Because wood is a completely natural product that comes from trees, this means that it is neither warm not cold, and so it is comfortable year round. 

Natural wood flooring is very easy to clean, and this ease of cleaning makes it safe for you if you are allergic to dust mites, and it is also a good choice if you are allergic or have chemical sensitivities.

Wood Flooring Finishes

Wood flooring is durable and will continue to look good for many years, as long as you take some care to look after it.

There are a number of different types of wood flooring and finishes that you can use.

This is true whether you are installing new wood floors or if your floor has had carpet over natural wood flooring and needs refurbishing. 

In case you don't know what VOC is, this stands for volatile organic compounds and they give off toxic fumes.

It is important that the contractor uses a floor product that has no VOC. It is possible to get low and no VOC paints and floor finishes, so just take care to mention this to the contractor installing or refurbishing your floors.

If the tradesperson you are dealing with says they can't get such a thing, you may choose to ring someone else, as these products can be used.

There are some tradespeople who specialize in using low VOC products as its safer for them too, as they have to breathe the fumes in when they work with toxic products.

Easy To Clean With IRobot

To keep my wood floors clean I bought an automatic robot vacuum cleaner called iRobot.

Using an automatic vacuum cleaner means I do not have to have to come in contact with the dust or breathe it in, so this was a very good investment for my health.

Natural wood flooring has been my flooring of choice in my own home for many years, as I am personally allergic to dust mites and dust.

Wood floors are pleasant to live with, as they look so nice and are so easy to care for and I like how they feel under my bare feet.

Long Term Benefits Of Natural Wood Flooring

Changing to safe flooring is one of the natural health approaches that you may consider as you take the steps needed to detox your home and create a safer environment. 

If you have lived in a home with carpets you will be aware at how much dust they trap and how quickly they look shabby.

Wood floors continue to look good year after year, and need a minimum of care. They are suitable for all rooms except in some cases may not work in the bathroom.

They will also improve the resale value of your home as they look good on a long term continuing basis. It is easy to run a damp mop over the floors to pick up dust or any spillages, and this makes them much easier to care for than carpets.

This is one of the natural allergy remedies that may benefit you long term. If you are allergic changing your bedroom floors may help, especially if you have been searching for how to sleep better you may find this change is highly beneficial.

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