Is Natural Teeth Whitening Possible?

Written By Liz Oakes

Want to use natural teeth whitening methods that are safe if you are allergic or chemically sensitive?

Is there anything you can you do to naturally whiten your teeth? Many people have teeth that are not as white as they used to be.

Eating Apples Helps To keep Your Teeth CleanEating Apples Helps To keep Your Teeth Clean

This is partly because of the ingredients in the many natural toothpastes that may be used by most people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Low allergen toothpaste contains safe ingredients, rather than the nasty unnatural chemicals that the other whitening toothpastes used to make teeth dazzling white.

So if you are sensitive to chemicals, or allergic to the ingredients in many of these products you need to find safe and natural alternatives to naturally whiten your teeth.

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Can You Get Naturally White Teeth?

Many of you may like the idea of natural teeth whitening, because you are unhappy with how your teeth look.

This may be because you are comparing your teeth to those of others who use chemical whitening methods.

If your teeth are no longer as white as they used to be, this can be caused by staining from drinking coffee or tea or other foods that are known to discolor the teeth.

The dangers of teeth whitening have been covered quite extensively on TV. This was after a person used one of these packaged products, with quite terrible results.

So it is quite normal to be wary of these products, but if you are like me you may still be happy to find out about natural teeth whitening.

If you have multiple chemical sensitivity or MCS maybe you have found that you can only use certain types of toothpaste.

Most of you would avoid using the teeth whitening products that are sold anyway, especially if you read some of the labels, and see that they all have a number of chemicals in them.

Using An Electric Toothbrush

The first thing that helped me was when my dentist recommended I buy an electric toothbrush.

The one I bought was the one shown in the photo here, the blue and white Oral-B Rechargeable Toothbrush although any electric toothbrush will have a similar action.

I was extremely pleased with the result of using my electric toothbrush, as this is an excellent natural health approach to gaining whiter teeth.

Not only did it get my teeth cleaner, but it also made it very easy to massage my gums and is one of the best bathroom ideas that have been suggested to me.

This was recommended by my dentist to prevent my gums receding, which causes sensitive teeth. I had never had such clean teeth before and it just felt so good, and they did seem cleaner and whiter.

Baking Soda For Natural Teeth Whitening

When I heard about using baking powder for natural teeth whitening I decided to give it a go.

I knew you could use baking soda to clean your teeth if you had to, if you could not find any toothpaste that suited you, but I had never tried it before, except in cooking. 

Because it is used in cooking you know that it is quite safe to ingest, so there was no problem with using it.

Baking soda is an old remedy used for cleaning, and has a quite extensive list of uses in many of the books that cover green cleaning tips.

You use it to clean your teeth by simply dipping your toothbrush into the powder and cleaning. The taste is not pleasant but not too bad either.

The first time I utilized it for this, I used only a little, and did it carefully in case I reacted to it. This is always a good idea when using something new. My teeth felt so much cleaner, and after using it for a few days I noticed how much whiter they were too! What a surprise that was!

I then decided an easier way to use it was to put the toothpaste on the brush first. I put a small amount of baking soda in my hand and then dipped my brush into the powder.

This worked better as the paste made it spread better on your teeth. Its easy, cheap and very safe!

I now use it for a few days every few weeks to brighten up my teeth, as it seems to be a safe and easy way to whiten and brighten your teeth. 

Other Methods

Other methods are suggested for natural teeth whitening, including strawberries and lemon juice.

Lemon juice works by leaching calcium out of the teeth so for me that was not something I wanted to use.

Strawberries are also suggested but again it is the natural acid in the strawberries that is being used and this is not a safe method long term to use.

Use MSM Powder For Sensitive Teeth

If you have pain in your gums from sensitive teeth, you may use MSM powder on your brush to help this problem.

MSM can also be taken as a remedy, as it is one of the natural remedies for allergies, and so it is of course also safe to drink.

Mix a teaspoonful of MSM powder into a glass of filtered water. Then rinse your mouth with this MSM water mix as an alternative to using chemical products for sensitive teeth.

If you want to use natural teeth whitening methods that will not hurt you if you are allergic or chemically sensitive, using baking soda is a good method.

If you are sensitive to harsh chemicals and your teeth are not as white as they used to be, its worth giving it a go.

Baking soda is a product that you is used in the kitchen and is often included in recipes, so using it is a safe natural health idea.

So if you can use it safely in cooking you may also find that it is a safe and natural alternatives to naturally whiten your teeth.

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