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If you'd like to use a natural pain killer, rather than drugs, there are quite few natural pain relief remedies that you can use, that are often more effective than drugs.

Some natural remedies such as feverfew leaf, willowbark and turmeric have been in use for around 2000 years, and they are known to be excellent remedies to relieve pain.

Magnesium Supplements Are Natural Pain KillersMagnesium Supplements Are Natural Pain Killers

You may choose to use a herbal pain remedy, and there are quite a few natural herbal remedies that provide good pain relief.

There are also other natural remedies such as MSM powder and magnesium that are excellent to help you to improve your quality of life.

Using a natural pain relief remedy is a good alternative to drugs, as many drugs seem to have side effects, including causing problems in the gut and kidneys.

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Natural Pain Killer... Herbal Pain Remedy

If you are looking for a good natural pain killer, it is highly beneficial to look at using a herbal pain remedy. 

Many of them have other excellent healing qualities including their effectiveness to aid allergies, chemical sensitivity, and easing cold and flu symptoms.

There are a great many effective herbal pain relief products, and they are often a mixture of different herbs. This will depend on what the biochemist who was making them wished to achieve. 

Best Natural Pain Killer List

So lets take a look at the list of some of the most well-known and effective  natural pain killers, and discover their use and benefits for helping pain:

  • Turmeric Extract
  • Bromelain
  • Cats Claw Herb
  • Feverfew
  • Willow Bark
  • Boswellia Serrata
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Ginger Root
  • MSM Powder
  • Magnesium

Each of the items on the above list has a specific section below where you can learn more about its individual attributes and its benefits to you.

Many of these have an individual page where you can learn more about the properties of that remedy to help your pain, and in many cases they also help other health problems. So look for the link in the text or photo to read more...


Bromelain: There are a number of advantages of using Bromelain to kill pain, and this relates particularly to the pain associated with allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

It may also help the very painful sinus headaches, as it is an excellent remedy to help to heal the problems that cause sinus headache and pain.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric Extract: Turmeric extract is made from the root of the Turmeric plant, and is a strong analgesic that may aid the pain of arthritis and toothache. One of its well known uses is to help to prevent post operative pain.

It has a powerful anti-inflammatory action which makes it a natural pain killer, that will alleviate muscle aches and back pain.

There are many benefits of turmeric to help health problems such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis, by healing the inflammation associated with these conditions. 

Cats Claw Herb

Cats Claw Herb: This herb is made from a vine that originated in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Cats claw herb is a abundant sources of plant sterols, which are natural plant chemicals that are similar to steroids.

The sterols in cats claw will help to reduce inflammation and swelling and are a very useful natural remedy for arthritis.

Willow Bark

Willow bark: White willow is one of the herbs that ease joint pain. It is a well known folk remedy that actually works very well.

Ancient physicians wrote about its pain killing effectiveness over 2,000 years ago, and it was used to reduce fevers and to relieve pain.

You need to have probiotic bacteria in your gut to help it work properly. So combine it with one of the natural probiotics, so that you can ensure that its effect benefits you the most.

Willowbark is made from the bark of the willow tree and is an old, well known remedy, that has always been known as an effective natural pain killer. It is very similar chemically to the drug aspirin.

This natural aspirin will help any type of pain that aspirin will help, but it does work a bit differently to aspirin and its effect lasts longer.

Even today its still available to use for pain relief, particularly as it is one of the natural remedies for back pain, especially lower back pain and will assist the pain of osteoporosis. You may make a white willow bark herbal tea or buy it in capsule form.

Note: While this is known to be very safe for most people, if you are allergic to aspirin or to salicylates you will not be able to use it.


Feverfew: This herb is used as a treatment for migraine headaches. It is believed that the way Feverfew leaf helps migraines is related to its action to reduce the production of serotonin.

This brain chemical is related to the constriction of blood vessels and the release of chemicals that cause pain.

Feverfew FlowerFeverfew Flower Image Wikimedia.com cc-sa

In a controlled study in England, feverfew migraine remedy was used to help to bring migraine headache relief by reducing the frequency and severity of the migraine headaches.

It also reduced migraine headache symptoms such as vomiting and visual effects that often accompany them.

This is one of the anti inflammatory herbal remedies that will help the pain of arthritis, reduce fever, aid menstrual suffering as well as various other aches and pains in the body.

Note: Feverfew is a member of the Asteraceae family, so if you have an allergy to ragweed, yarrow or chamomile you won't be able to use it.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract: Olive leaf extract is a very useful herb to use for pain relief especially if it is related to inflammatory conditions.

It is one of the anti inflammatory herbs and has been used to aid inflammation related to fibromyalgia, and is commonly recommended  to assist infections and fever as well as giving pain relief.

If you any type of painful illness where there is inflammation present there are benefits of olive leaf extract for aiding pain.  

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Serrata: Boswellia Serrata is one of the anti inflammatory herbs, and its active ingredients are known as boswellic acids.

Boswellic acids are anti-inflammatory and are believed to be effective because they prevent inflammatory white cells from penetrating the damaged tissues.

The extract of Boswellia is especially useful to aid arthritis. There is research happening into Boswellia and arthritis, as it is known as one of the better anti-arthritic herbs.

It is often found in herbal pain remedies mixed with other herbs such as Turmeric.

Depending of what type of pain you wish to get help for, you may find that one of these mixed herb based natural remedies may be effective to help you.

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger Root: Ginger root is one of the most widely used herbs, as it is so helpful to heal so many health problems.

The active ingredients in Ginger called gingerols are powerful anti inflammatory compounds which work as a powerful natural pain killer.

Their natural pain relief action is related to the active ingredients helping to inhibit the production of specific immune system compounds called cytokines, which cause inflammation and pain.

There are many ginger root health benefits, and it is very helpful to aid the pain of arthritis and will help any type of problem that is caused by swelling. 

This is an excellent alternative to using NSAIDS which often cause bad side effects.


Connecting To The Earth, Also Known as Earthing or Grounding

Earthing is an old remedy used for thousands of years that many people are now re-discovering.

Ancient man walked barefoot on the earth and slept in contact with the earth, but most people in western countries have little or no contact with the earth.

Have you heard of the benefits of earthing for pain, as well as a large number of other health issues? Earthing has been rediscovered and the addition of technology has made earthing or grounding as it is also called, easy to do year round.

Earthing is easy and highly beneficial, and may also help you to sleep better. To learn more about simple this is, read the Earthing book. I am so glad I did.


Natural Pain Killer... Natural Remedies For Pain

If you want a natural pain killer instead of using drugs to relieve your pain, there are quite a few alternatives that you can use.

There are also a few non herbal natural pain remedies that are extremely effective to help your pain long term.

You have read about the herbal pain remedies, including many of the anti inflammatory herbs, but there are also other pain relief ideas you can look at.

MSM Powder

MSM powder MSM is one of the natural remedies that has been proven to provide natural pain relief to those who have been unable to get relief any other way.

There are many MSM benefits, and this natural pain remedy helps the pain of a large number of painful conditions, and is easy to use as well.

It comes in a powder form which is the easiest and cheapest way to use it, but as it has a slightly bitter taste some people prefer to use the capsules.

It is not only a pain relief remedy but is one of the natural remedies for allergies that works well, to help you after you have had exposure to something you react to.

It is beneficial to assist you if you are sensitive to chemicals, as you may use it after exposure to chemicals as it turns off a lot of the effects.

It helps issues such as dizziness and shakiness associated with exposure to perfume or other chemicals you may accidentally have got exposed to.

While it works immediately to help chemical sensitivity reactions, the pain relief it gives seems to be cumulative, and works best if you take it every day.

If you continue using it, many people find that the many ways that MSM benefits you can make a significant difference to the level of pain you experience.

If you take one teaspoonsful of the MSM or methyl sulfonyl methane powder in water each day, after a few days you should find your pain levels reduce quite a bit.



Magnesium: This mineral is useful to help fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Taking a magnesium supplement is a successful treatment for migraine headaches, that has been proven to be effective in a number of studies.

Magnesium is a mineral that is important to the overall health of the body. It is known to be an excellent remedy to aid muscle aches and pains.

There are a number of magnesium benefits for any sort of muscle strain or injury, to help to relieve the pain. Using magnesium sulphate, known as epsom salts, in a hot bath or even in a foot bath is a well known way to ease muscle pain.

Natural Pain Killers... A Better Alternative

Its worth trying a natural pain killer, as you may be surprised how well they work. Due to the interest in the many different types of alternative medicine methods, there are now quite a few natural pain relief remedies available.

By choosing to use a herbal pain remedy, you may get pain relief while avoiding the side effects of drugs such as aspirin, paracetamol and NSAIDS.

Many of these natural pain killers also have other powerful effects, that not only kill pain but also help to improve your quality of life.

Some natural remedies such as Feverfew leaf and willowbark have been in use for around 2000 years. These remedies may aid migraines, especially Feverfew, and both are well known as powerful remedies to relieve pain.

Quite a few that are more effective than drugs, including minerals such as magnesium. Check out the benefits of using magnesium to bring relief from pain.

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