Natural Cold Remedies... 

Are They Effective To Beat The Common Cold?

Natural cold remedies are a good alternative to using decongestants and anti-histamines, as drugs can have side effects that may make you feel unwell. 

It is a good idea to take immune system supplements before you need them. Before you get a cold, it's good to have ideas in advance that you can use as soon as you feel that cold coming on. 

Vitamin C is a well known natural cold remedyVitamin C is a well known natural cold remedy

It is a good idea before winter to boost your immune system. As the scouts say 'be prepared'. If you boost your immune system, this may help you to avoid needing any cold remedies because you may not even get a cold.

Thinking about prevention is also a good thing to do at the end of winter to help you if you regularly get spring allergies and have uncomfortable seasonal allergy symptoms.

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Lifestyle Changes...

It's not simply a matter of taking natural cold remedies or remedies that strengthen your immune system.

It is also possible to make a number of lifestyle changes aimed at improving your immunity.

Several ideas that you may not have considered are, do you get enough sleep and do you drink enough water? Adequate hydration is important as you sweat more when you are sick.

Also look at your sleep patterns and think about if you are getting adequate sleep. 

Some of the ideas here are simply common sense ideas, that you may overlooked, and others entail actual herbal remedies and vitamins, or actions you can take to help you.

 There are a number of things that you can do to help yourself and using a natural common cold treatment may help you.

We'll also take a look at a number of different herbs so you may learn which natural herbal remedies will help you once you already have the common cold or the flu.

Natural Cold Remedies... Once You Have A Cold

If you've woken up with unpleasant cold symptoms, such as a sore throat, blocked nose and feel generally under the weather you probably are looking for natural cold remedies to take to help yourself get better quickly.

There are a number of natural health options available, so lets have look at the different things you can do:

There are a number of benefits of drinking enough water so make sure that you have a glass of clean filtered water next to you when you have a cold.

Its very important when you are sick to stay hydrated. Although you may feel this is just common sense, many people do not drink enough water.

Taking vitamins to aid immune health before you get a cold is a good natural health idea. 

Vitamin C is very helpful, and an easy way to take it when you have a cold is to use vitamin C powder and stir it into a glass of water or freshly squeezed orange juice.  

If you have a deficiency of vitamin C, this makes it more likely that you will get colds or the flu.

It is one of the vitamins for immune system health and is often found as one of the ingredients in immune system supplements. That way the duration may be much shorter, if you even get one at all.

It is beneficial to either take immune system supplements or to increase natural foods containing Vitamin C in your diet. Many people find that they feel better when they drink a glass of orange juice because it contains natural vitamin C.

While juice may also be fortified with some extra Vitamin C as well, freshly squeezed juice is much better for you. If you are going to buy bottled juice, check how much sugar it contains, you may be surprised as many are high in sugar.

Natural Cold Remedies... Cold And Flu Supplements

Zinc lozenges are a very effective way to take zinc supplements. This is one of the more powerful natural cold remedies that will help to inhibit viruses from reproducing in the mucous membranes and within the respiratory system.

Although the link between zinc and the common cold is well known, there are a number of benefits of zinc for your overall health.

If you already have any of the symptoms of a deficiency of zinc prior to getting a cold, this may be particularly important to you. Doctors recommend it as a remedy that will cut back the amount of time it takes for you to recover from a cold or the flu.

A range of herbs are often ingredients in natural lozenges you can suck if you have a sore throat and they may be beneficial to help seasonal allergy symptoms.

Ingredients that are very effective that may be added as well includes garlic, ginger and turmeric extract, as well as vitamins A, C, D and E and the mineral zinc.

There are quite a few natural cold remedies that you can use, along with natural vitamin supplements.

The benefits of olive leaf extract are quite renowned, as this is a powerful aid to help you to get over infections once they are in the respiratory system.

It is very helpful to boost immunity prior to the cold season, but is also very effective once you have that cold or the flu as it is one of the herbs to treat viruses.

The uses of echinacea are well known, and this is one of the most widespread and beneficial herbal remedies found in natural cold and flu supplements.

Look at taking immune system herbs in advance to boost your immunity. Many natural herbal remedies contain a mixture of herbs.

These are commonly a mixture of andrographis, astragalus, elderberry, echinacea and goldenseal root tinctures. Natural probiotics may also help if you have digestive problems.

There are a number of benefits of licorice root, to both help you to recover from a cold or the flu and to help to strengthen your immune system health overall. 

Steam Inhalation Is An Old Cold Remedy

If you are choked up with blocked sinus's some of the remedies that are primarily aimed at sinus allergy relief may benefit you.

Just using steam alone, by placing boiling water in a bowl and breathing the steam is helpful to relieve symptoms of a sinus headache

This is beneficial when you have a cold or the flu to help you to clear a blocked nose and sinus's. You may even take a long hot steamy shower and breathe in the steam.

Steam inhalation is an old and proven technique to clear the sinus's. Both tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are commonly used for inhalation, as they are known to be helpful. 

If you are chemically sensitive and you find that these smells give you problems, just use steam alone. 

Many people use a purpose made humidifier in their room to help them to breathe. This is particularly helpful for children, as long as you are careful to put it where they can't touch it and burn themselves.

Nasal irrigation with a neti pot is also another way to clear the sinus's, as flushing the sinus's with salt water can be beneficial to get rid of mucus build up.

Natural Cold Remedies... Honey, Cider Vinegar

There are honey health benefits for using locally grown honey and there are a number of specialty honey varieties that have been discovered that are extremely advantageous to help colds.

Honey types such as Manuka Honey from New Zealand and Aseda Wild Honey are specific varieties that may be helpful due to their unique properties, related to the trees the bees feed on. 

Honey and lemon juice is one of the old fashioned home allergy remedies that is quite useful. Use it where possible as is an advantage for allergies.

These specific honey types are said to be very effective to help any allergic conditions that may flare up when you get a cold. Honey may be combined with apple cider vinegar as the body may get more acidic when you get a cold.

This is one of the benefits of organic apple cider vinegar, that it helps to make your body more alkaline.

You may gargle with salt water to clear mucus build up, as the old rinse and spit method is good to get rid of mucus in the mouth that tastes horrible.

Put a warm compress on the head if it is hurting, or even wrap one round a sore throat as it is very comforting.

Natural Cold Remedies... Get More Sleep Or Rest

Use natural cold remedies to help your immune system to kick in so you will get better more quickly. Put your feet up and rest or if you feel really bad go to bed and get some extra sleep.

Its best not to sleep all day or to avoid meals, but make sure you eat lightly to take the pressure off your system and allow it to concentrate on getting well.

Locally Grown HoneyHoney is a powerful and easy to use home remedy

There are a number of studies that have shown that chicken soup can also help you to get over the flu. Mom was right! This is because it helps to relieve upper respiratory symptoms.

It is important to get adequate sleep when you have a cold or the flu, but don't over-sleep.

Just have naps during the day rather than sleeping all day or you'll be awake all night, as there are many reasons why its important to keep your sleeping pattern the same.

Check out my sleeping ideas article... click on image below... for more information on sleeping better.

More ideas & natural remedies that may help...

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