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Heal Underlying Cause Of Allergies

Written By Liz Oakes

Natural allergy remedies are being used more these days, as many people recognize that what they have been using has not been working, to help to improve their health.

Are you are sick of using drugs that just keep the symptoms at bay, and that's all? If you want a better natural health alternative, then using natural remedies for your allergies may help you.

Vitamin D Supplement Aids Vitamin D DeficiencyVitamin D Supplement Aids Vitamin D Deficiency

Prior to the use of drugs, people used home remedies to heal a range of allergies. Natural remedies provide support naturally, by boosting and strengthening your entire system.

They not only provide relief from the symptoms, but also heal the underlying cause of your allergies. For best results, natural remedies should be combined with a healthy diet and fresh raw organic food, as well as plenty of clean filtered water.

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Benefits of Using Natural Allergy Remedies

Although the effects of some drugs will make you feel better, they don't do anything to make a difference long term, to prevent you from getting these problems.

There are a number of natural health remedies that can help you long term to build up your system. They help to heal internal problems that create the conditions that are causing your allergies.

Some of the drugs that are in use for allergies today, came about as chemists thought they could improve on nature, and create something that worked more quickly and more effectively.

The natural remedies were the basis for the ideals that they wanted to achieve with these drugs.

Many of these drugs were made to help those with hay fever, also known as summer or spring allergies, as the seasonal allergy symptoms often make you feel totally miserable.

There are a number of different natural allergy remedies available and this includes natural herbal remedies, natural vitamin supplements and mineral supplements, and they may be helpful to aid you to strengthen the health of your immune system.

Depending on why they are being used, some remedies may be very effective used alone and others may be better in combination.

Its Easy To Use Natural Allergy Remedies

Regardless of which approach you take to healing your allergies, and which natural allergy remedies you use, make sure that you also drink sufficient water.

There are many health benefits of drinking enough water, especially clean filtered water. Combine that with organic food where possible.

Use locally grown honey to aid allergyUse locally grown honey to aid allergy

There are a number of easy ways to use natural allergy remedies including:

  • The use of locally grown honey for seasonal allergies has also been given quite a bit of attention lately.
  • There are a number of honey health benefits, particularly if the bees use the pollen from local trees that you may be allergic to.
  • These bees are said to produce local honey that is another natural allergy remedy.
  • Organic apple cider vinegar and honey combined brings together two highly effective remedies.
  • Using these together may assist a number of health issues including sinus headache symptoms.
  • Using organic apple cider vinegar in your diet can be very helpful for many reasons. There are a number of advantages of the use of apple cider vinegar that may aid your allergies, and it may also help other health problems as well.

Use Organic Food & Quality Vitamin Supplements

Once you learn the advantages of eating organic food you may find that you make more effort to increase the amount of organic food you eat.

There are also a number of vitamins for immune system health, that are also quite potent and very effective. 

Using natural vitamin supplements including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B and Vitamin E is very helpful.

Often they may be combined with the other natural allergy remedies in one tablet. The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency also relate to a number of health issues including aiding allergies. 

Many people also find that having acupuncture may be helpful. This is one of the group of alternative healing methods that are becoming main stream.

This is because more and more people are recognizing that they are effective for not just allergies but a number of other health issues.

Create An Allergy Safe Home

One method now being used to help a number of health issues, including allergy, pain, weight loss, stress and arthritis is the use of affirmations. 

I strongly believe in the effectiveness of affirmations, as they can help your health in a number of different ways.

Recently I got myself an amazing program called Mindmaster, which utilizes the power of affirmations. 

This is a program that you install on your computer, and these affirmations or positive phrases of your choice, appear in the background as you are working and subconsciously fill your mind with positive thoughts.

They have a large number of affirmations for different purposes built into the program. This includes access to a vault that contains a large number of affirmations for different health issues.

This includes one called "Allergy Free" and another quite powerful one to boost immunity called "Immune System... Strong and Healthy Immune System".

You can even make up your own affirmations and add them into the ones already there! What a fantastic idea this is!

It is just so easily managed, takes no effort on your part and you are not even conscious of it. Take a look at their video as I think its definitely worth watching.

If you want a better alternative than using drugs, then using the natural allergy remedies mentioned above for your health issues may help you.

Though still be aware that it is possible for you to be allergic to some of these remedies so take advice from a naturopath, homeopath or other health professional if you have any concerns about using them.

Natural Allergy Remedies ... How To Use Them

As some remedies may have slower effect that will be beneficial over a longer period, often naturopaths will combine the different types for the most effective overall result.

Naturopaths use the term synergistic, which means that they use two or more remedies in combination, as this is much more effective, as they boost the power of each other.

You can use mixed allergy remedies along with many of the natural herbal remedies. You will also often find that they are already mixed together by the makers as they understand that specific combinations are very effective.

Natural Allergy Remedies ... Which Ones To Use

The following are some of the ingredients contained in natural allergy remedies. These are often very effective for allergies, and may be found in different combinations in specific allergy medicines.

While they may be combined with each other, often they are mixed with vitamins or herbal remedies by the biochemists that know the best right combinations to aid your health.

Rather than self diagnose it can be a good idea to see a naturopath or other natural health practitioner, who can diagnose the right remedy for your specific allergic condition.

MSM powder: MSM is the shortened form of the full name Methyl Sulfonyl Methane. MSM is a naturally occurring organic sulfur that is found in all living tissue and plants.

The powdered MSM supplement is a white crystalline powder that you mix with water.

It has an amazing action on the internal linings of the body, and is also believed to coat the lining of the mucous membranes.

There are a number of MSM benefits, including that it is anti-inflammatory and analgesic and also provides excellent pain relief.

It is a natural pain reliever that will also minimize swelling of the mucous membranes, and this may aid you if you have spring allergy symptoms or hay fever.

This natural health remedy appears to block the receptivity of histamine in some tissues, such as the mucous membranes in the nasal passages, and this may also be how it helps leaky gut syndrome.

For those who experience allergies to perfume, a sensitivity to fragrances, chemical sensitivity or if you believe you may have MCS symptoms, using MSM is excellent to turn off the headaches and nausea associated with contact with perfume or chemicals.

Its action in the gut makes it a useful remedy for aiding a leaky gut to heal

This is very helpful as many allergies are caused by allergens reaching the blood stream via a leaky gut, and starting the process of creating an allergy to the substance.

Natural probiotics: Natural probiotics are live micro-organisms that are similar to the bacteria naturally occurring in the gut.

They are known to be helpful to boost your immune system, and the two most common are lactobacillus acidophillus and bifidobacterium.

For specific problems such as leaky gut, the addition of lactobacillus rhamnosus is helpful.

Taking these as supplements is known to aid digestion, and there is now a lot of evidence that natural probiotics may have a role in preventing allergy in infants.

One of the problems of modern living is that we eat too much dead food, and too little live raw food, and this has led to our systems being unbalanced.

Our natural flora is overtaken by pathogens, and our internal flora no longer has the amount of good bacteria needed to keep our body and immune system working well. This is when we need the addition of probiotic supplements

Other Natural Allergy Solutions

Making changes in your home includes changing your flooring to natural wood flooring and using teeth whitening that is natural, instead of chemical based. 

This type of natural health approach may help you if you are allergic.

Natural Wood FlooringNatural Wood Flooring

The changes you make to your home environment may be highly beneficial to aid your allergies.

Actions that may help you include remove clutter and use allergy safe cleaning products. 

This includes non-allergenic laundry detergent, especially if you have fragrance allergies, and also work out how to make your own laundry detergent at home.

Look at ways to make your bathroom healthier, and embrace a more natural health approach, which includes using organic cotton towels.

Also consider changing to using low allergy, fragrance free hair products and other personal care products. Many of the alternative remedies are extremely helpful to ameliorate the symptoms of allergies.

If you have a dust mite allergy or have a fragrance allergy or suffer from sensitivities to perfume, many of these remedies are very effective to aid your immune system to strengthen, so this may be quite helpful.

To improve your allergies, using natural allergy remedies will make a difference but it may be beneficial to combine this with making some changes to your home.

Take action to detox your living area and take preventative measures aimed at helping your allergies.

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