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Written By Liz Oakes

Meridian tapping is the name that is used by many different tapping practitioners around the world when they talk about EFT.

Meridian TappingMeridian Tapping

This term was developed to encompass all the variations of EFT tapping that were in use at the time.

The first thing to understand about meridian tapping is that its not a belief system, and that it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not.

You can learn the basics of the EFT tapping process here, including how to structure tapping sequences and more about where and how to tap.

It is a very easy and simple to do natural healing method. Learn how to make up your own tapping EFT setup phrase and then how to use this to tap with.

As mentioned in the detailed page on EFT tapping, this technique aims to free you from blocked emotions. These emotions may be causing the proper flow of energy around and through your body to be disrupted. 

You can use this natural healing method to help any issue, but the more targeted your thoughts are about the issue you want to work on, the better your result will be.

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Meridian Tapping... About The Tapping Process

You start the process of meridian tapping by concentrating on the problem that you want to work with. Note: Have a drink of water before you start tapping and make sure you continue to be hydrated any time you do tapping.

This is important for any type of energy work, including having acupuncture, or any treatments that work on the body's energy system. 

Its a good idea to look through the list of suggestions below and if one thing in particular reminds you of what your problem might be, you may decide to tap on this first.

Lets say its stress or anxiety. I have chosen stress as so many people feel anxious, stressed or even depressed.

Can ongoing stress affect your overall health? Yes it can and tapping is an easy to use method of helping to lower your level of stress or anxiety. Consider the issues involved and focus on them, even if its just a generalized feeling of stress or anxiety.

Rate the intensity of the feelings you have about the issue, out of ten. If its very stressful you might say its a 9 out of 10. You can write down your statement to give you something to go on if it helps.

Meridian Tapping... The Setup Phrase

You start by creating a setup phrase about the problem, event, feeling or physical pain. The setup phrase goes like this:

  • Even though I have this (fill in the blank ..........) I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings. This blank is filled in with a description of the problem you wish to work on.
  • Below are ideas for some of the things that you may wish to work on, but please feel free to use your own specific problem, rather than using these. The following are just to give you ideas of the sort of problems you can work with:
  • Even though I feel anxious and stressed, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.
  • Even though I feel bad about my relationship, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.
  • Even though I am having dreams that make me uncomfortable, I allow myself to change the situation, and I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

You can use it for a large number of issues and here are more examples of common problems you can use it on. Even though I ....

  • have trouble getting to sleep at night ...
  • feel sad when I remember what happened ...
  • have this craving for a cigarette ...
  • have this fear of public speaking ...
  • have this fear of heights ...
  • haven't been able to lose weight...
  • can't stand that person at work 
  • have this pain in my back ...
  • have these bad migraine headaches ... I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

The setup phrase firstly acknowledges the problem you wish to work on, then follows with an affirmation phrase about yourself.

Some people don't like this aspect, especially if you have studied the law of attraction.

While you may not like to talk about things that you don't want in your life, by talking about the things that exist... called truth tapping by Nick Ortner... best selling author from The Tapping Solution, you can acknowledge it and let it go. 

Meridian Tapping... Doing The Tapping Process

So here's how it works:

First: Decide on the issue you wish to focus on. It might be general anxiety, or it can be a special situation or issue, maybe one of the ones on the list above, that is making you to feel stressed or unwell.

Second: Think about the issue you have chosen. How do you feel about it right now? Rate the intensity of your feelings, with zero being the lowest level of stress and ten being the highest.

Third: Then write down your set-up statement. This statement should confirm the issue you want to work on, then follow it with an unconditional affirmation of yourself as a person.

Note: You may want to go back to the other page if you need to, to check where the EFT tapping points are, before you get started.

Now lets actually do the tapping.

With three to four fingers together, tap on the karate chop point as you say the words.

This is the point on the outside of your hand between your wrist and the little finger.

Repeat the statement aloud three times, and each time you say it tap the karate chop point, tapping along with the words you are speaking.

Put emotion into the words so that you feel what you are saying.

KC: Even though I feel anxious and stressed, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

KC: Even though I feel this anxiety and stress, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

KC: Even though I feel anxious and stressed, I choose to accept myself and my feelings.

Now take a deep breath and let it out.

Note: I changed it as I went along. Say whatever feels right as you do it. Now lets continue on doing the actual meridian tapping on the points on your face.

You usually would use two fingers to tap on the face, and when you get down to the collarbone and under arm you may use three or four fingers. Tap hard enough for it to be felt, but not so hard that it hurts!

You can simply use a reminder phrase such as, this anxiety, or say the whole phrase, or some practitioners change it as they go along.

But to start with its easier to just say the reminder phrase "this anxiety". Start at the top of the head and work down. Say it slowly and tap as you speak. You will usually tap about 5 to 7 times with each statement.

Tap firmly at each of these points saying the phrase "this anxiety": Top Head, Eye Brow, Side Eye, Under Eye, Under Nose, Chin, Collar Bone, Under Arm, back to Top Head

Meridian Tapping... Changing The Setup Phrase

Now take another deep breath and let it out. Don't worry if you begin yawning, as this is a good sign, that often means that you are releasing something.

Now still thinking about the issue you have chosen, how do you feel about it right now? Again rate the intensity of your feelings, with zero being the lowest level of stress and ten being the highest, to see if you feel any different.

If the rating is not zero, and it is rare for it to clear after one round of meridian tapping you do it again, changing the words slightly. So lets do it again using slightly different words.

  • KC: Even though I still feel anxious and stressed, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.
  • KC: Even though I still feel some anxiety and stress, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.
  • KC: Even though I still feel a little anxious and stressed, I choose to accept myself and my feelings. Now take a deep breath and let it out.

Tap through as many times as you feel you want to, to relieve the problem. Sometimes while you are tapping you find something else pops into your mind and this is important to pay attention to.

Say you are doing meridian tapping on stress and anxiety and some specific stressful situation comes to mind, say something that happened at work, you then change the next round to reflect that. So if might go like this:

KC: Even though I feel angry and stressed about what the boss said to me at work, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

Before tapping on the new idea that came to you, rate its intensity out of ten, so you can keep track. You then continue tapping on the new issue until you get the number down to as low as possible.

Sometimes the first issue does not get lower until you tap on some other issues, which may be the real problem that you need to clear. When you finish the session check your intensity on every issue to see if other issues have got lower from the tapping on associated problem.

It doesn't hurt to tap on issues that you don't have. If you go to a tapping group, everyone taps along on each issue that the group brings up.

Maybe you may read meridian tapping ideas in a book, and although it may not be your issue, often you feel better after this. They call this borrowing benefits, and its a useful thing to do.

Meridian Tapping... Make A List Of Issues

When I started doing EFT, also known as tapping, I made a list of issues with room next to each one to rate its intensity as I went.

I divided the list into four separate pages before I started.

They were:

  1. First childhood issues including family and school issues.
  2. Second relationship issues
  3. Third work issues
  4. Fourth health issues

Often family and childhood issues are some of the issues that hold us back, and this is where meridian tapping is very powerful.

Of course you may prefer to work on the issues in a different order, there is no set order that is best, whatever you feel is most important to you.

Tapping is very good to help a number of health issues including lowering pain levels for some health problems and is very helpful to aid addictions.

By tapping on something that a teacher or another student said to you in third grade about how stupid you were, may clear adult self esteem issues.

The same with hurtful things said by a family member, or by a significant other in a relationship.

If something pops into your mind while tapping jot it down, as a future issue to work on, even if you are not ready to tap on it right then and there. Its your energy system telling you what you need to work on. Happy tapping!

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