Magnesium Benefits...

Aids Fatigue, PMS, Muscle Pain, Stress And Anxiety

Written By Liz Oakes

There are magnesium benefits for most people in the community as it is one of nutrients that are needed by everyone.

It is of great value to aid fatigue and muscle pain, migraines, premenstrual syndrome and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Kiwi Fruit are a good food source of magnesiumKiwi Fruit: a good food source of magnesium

This mineral is one of the bronchitis remedies as it is quite essential to help the smooth muscle of the chest to relax, to prevent constriction in the chest area.

Magnesium is helpful to reduce the levels of histamine in your blood if you are allergic, and reacting to allergens in the environment.

There are many health benefits of magnesium to assist skin allergies.

It may also help allergic bronchitis and asthma, by relaxing chest muscles, and it is a bronchodilator.

There are health benefits of magnesium to help to lift depression and anxiety and to help mood problems, as well as to relieve stress and irritability.

The action of this mineral is very helpful to help to prevent the muscles in the chest from constricting during bronchitis or an asthma attack.

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Magnesium Benefits... Aids Bronchitis & Asthma

The body uses magnesium for every biochemical process in the body, so a deficiency of this important mineral can have wide ranging effects.

There are a number of magnesium benefits if you are highly allergic and especially if you get bronchial asthma.

This mineral is a natural bronchodilator, and is also an antihistamine, so it may be valuable if you have other allergies. Allergic skin conditions are also known to be caused by a deficiency of this mineral.

A deficiency of magnesium causes mast cells to increase histamine production, so this may effect you if you have hay fever or seasonal allergy symptoms.

Magnesium Benefits... Migraine Headaches & PMS

Check out the symptoms of magnesium deficiency to see if you have any of the signs of magnesium deficiency.

You may be surprised at how many problems are related to inadequate amounts of this mineral.

AvocadoAvocado is high in Magnesium

If you have suffered any type of muscle sprain or strain, magnesium is very helpful to assist you.

A very common remedy is to put epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) into a hot bath.

You can even to use it in a foot bath, which is what I do, to reduce muscle pain. You may choose to take a magnesium supplement as well.

It has a role as a natural calcium channel blocker, and is highly beneficial to block calcium from entering the muscles and cells of the heart, and this aids high blood pressure.

This mineral is also known to be very effective to help PMS, and is particularly helpful to help premenstrual side effects. This includes issues such as fluid retention, tender breasts, irritability and fatigue.

Almonds Are A Good Source of MagnesiumAlmonds Are A Good Source of Magnesium

It is now being known as one of the more useful migraine headache treatments.

Magnesium is becoming more well-known for helping to relieve the symptoms of migraine headaches as it is a natural pain reliever.

A 12 week double blind study followed 81 people who had recurrent migraines. They gave half the group 600mg of magnesium daily, the rest placebos.

Those having the magnesium supplement found their attacks reduced by 41% compared to 16% of those who got the placebo.

To prevent on-going deficiencies, it may be beneficial to add foods that contain magnesium to your diet, and continue this on a long term basis.

Magnesium Benefits... Fatigue And Muscle Pain

There are extensive magnesium benefits as it is used for many different purposes by the body. It is found throughout the body and is used for a number of functions.

Magnesium supplementsMagnesium supplements help problems such as insomnia or migraine headaches

These functions include blood clotting, muscle relaxation and the manufacture of an important energy molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

The role of magnesium to aid energy is well known.

It may be helpful for you if you have chronic fatigue or a sensitivity to chemicals, known as multiple chemical sensitivity or MCS.

It helps to relieve the lack of energy that is common with MCS.

Magnesium may also be beneficial for fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, as it is useful to help muscle pain generally.

Having adequate amounts of this mineral may help the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and is advantageous to aid the body to deal with long term stress. It is known that adrenal gland fatigue syndrome can be related to high stress levels.

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Magnesium Benefits... Side Effects

There are a couple of side effects of taking magnesium and the first one relates to the amount you take.

If you take too much magnesium you will have loose bowels, verging on diarrhea, and this is why magnesium is helpful for constipation.

This can be fixed easily by cutting back the amount you are taking. Other side effects relate to its ability to interfere with the role of drugs such as antibiotics.

Taking too much magnesium can be toxic, especially if you have kidney problems.

This is why if you are on any medication at all please tell your doctor or medical professional if you are going to start using any type of nutritional supplements, to avoid any problems.

Be aware that some mixed vitamins and mineral supplements will also contain magnesium so take this into consideration when you are planning how much to take.

This mineral is so commonly deficient in so many people in the population, that it is suggested that everyone should take magnesium supplements every day.

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