Leaky Gut Diet... 

Making Diet Changes To Help Heal Leaky Gut

Written By Liz Oakes

Using the leaky gut diet will be of benefit to you if you have been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome. Making diet changes is a crucial part of managing this health problem.

Apples contain pectin which helps a leaky gutApples contain pectin which helps a leaky gut

This diet mainly relates to removing those things that irritate the lining of the gut, and taking remedies along with your diet to heal it.

These need to be replaced with healthy alternatives. Drinking more clean filtered water and fresh organic food will help you.

Your diet over many years is often what has created the problem, so the changes you make may need to be kept in place for some time.

Some of the things that may create problems in the gut include an inadequate diet and lack of essential nutrients.

Also using hormones such as birth control pills, chemical drugs such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs known as NASAIDS and corticosteriods may cause gut problems.

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Why Use The Leaky Gut Diet?

If you have been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome this means that you have a problem also known as intestinal permeability.

This is where the lining of the intestine becomes more porous than usual.

This may allow waste matter such as bacteria, fungus, parasites and their toxins, and undigested protein to enter your bloodstream.

Having these toxins in the blood can cause allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity. There are a few different reasons why this can happen.

It may be any of the following including, toxins such as heavy metals or chemicals from your environment present in the gut, impacted fecal matter that may be caused by constipation, or a diet high in sugar causing candida over growth.

It is common for these to cause an over growth of bad bacteria in the gut, and there are a number of remedies that can be used to help you to feel better.

Using specific remedies aimed at healing your leaky gut, including natural probiotics is needed and these should be used alongside the leaky gut diet.

Increase Your Water Intake & Change Your Diet

One of the first things you can do when you begin the leaky gut diet, that is very easy and makes a big difference is to increase the amount of water that you drink.

Regardless of whether you have problems with leaky gut or not, it is vitally important to be adequately hydrated.

There are many benefits of drinking water, especially filtered water.

Drink extra water away from your meals rather than with them, so your gastric juices are not diluted.

If you are allergic and are on a special diet already, you may have some experience in making changes to your diet.

If this is the case, this may not be as difficult for you to change to the leaky gut diet. If this is all new to you, one of my first suggestions is to record what you eat. 

Start by keeping a diet diary, a type of journal where you not only record in it what you ate, but your reactions to the food. 

This will help you when you are trying to work out what made you sick. You may be able to then see a pattern emerging and take steps to make changes.

Outlined below are the foods to increase and those to decrease or eliminate.

When you first start on the leaky gut diet it is important to eliminate a number of foods, those that are known to be the main trigger foods.

You may put them back into your diet one by one until you know what the problem foods are, those that trigger a bloated stomach, pain or any of the other common symptoms of leaky gut disorder.

Adding positive helpful healing foods is also a major part of the leaky gut diet, and these are listed below.

Leaky Gut Diet ... List Of Steps To Take

So to make it easy, follow the steps listed. Healing a leaky gut requires that you do a few things in tandem.

L-glutamine probiotic powderL-glutamine probiotic powder
  • Avoid foods containing gluten and take out as much processed food as possible. You may find that you can add back foods that contain gluten once you have the problem under control.
  • Eat fibre daily - either as fresh fruit or by adding a non gluten fibre cereal to your daily diet.
  • There are a number of benefits of apple cider vinegar and this may be added as a remedy and/or as a food, such as making it into a salad dressing.
  • Drink more water, and particularly use clean filtered water. There are many benefits of drinking more water, and it is important to drink a good amount of water each day.

Take remedies such as:

  • Slippery Elm
  • L-glutamine 
  • Vitamin C
  • MSM powder  
  • Digestive enzymes in a supplement form
  • Natural probiotics: Probiotics should taken on an empty stomach to restore gut flora.

Leaky Gut Diet... Food To Decrease or Eliminate

There are some specific foods that are known to create problems so these should be eliminated. Specifically eliminate:

Gluten: contained in wheat, spelt, barley and rye. Oats also contains gluten but this is tightly bound gluten and may be tolerated.

There is a variety of oats which is said to be gluten free, which may be worth trying. Ordinary oats: eliminate it to begin with then add it back carefully if you want.

Note: There are a number of hidden sources of gluten, especially in sauces. On the label they may be called dextrin or modified starch. Anything that has thickening in it may contain gluten, so look for gluten free on labels.

Avoid coffee to help heal your leaky gutAvoid coffee to help heal your leaky gut
  • Refined sugar, sugary drinks, artificial sweeteners and alcohol. Sugary drinks are major contributors to the problem and the diet drinks are just as bad as they contain chemicals that irritate the gut.
  • Coffee, tea and chocolate
  • Avoid processed food and cut back salt
  • Peanuts and tomatoes: these are ones that are likely to be problems so eliminate them to begin with and add back once you are sure you have your diet controlled. If you can do not add them back until you are definitely feeling well again as this might set back your progress.
  • Beef, Dairy Produce and Soy
  • Avoid raw food containing phytic acid as it binds with nutrients to create deficiencies. 

Phytic acid is in wheat, soybeans, raw peanuts and other raw nuts.

It is also in corn but corn contains folate and beta cryptoxanthin which help the health of the lungs, so you may decide to eat it or not.

Soaking soybeans, nuts and other foods that are high in phytic acid for around 12 hours will reduce the phytic acid.

This will make the enzymes in the food more easily available and more easily digestible.

As these are foods that contain zinc as well as being foods that are rich in magnesium they are useful to add to your diet.

Once these raw foods have been made into products such as soy or almond milk the level of phytic acid should be low enough to ensure it is no longer a problem.

Leaky Gut Diet... Foods to Increase

It is a good idea to eat as many of the foods that are known to be low risk of allergies. The best low allergy foods to start with are:

herbal teaHerbal Tea
  • Rice milk or almond milk if you are not allergic to almonds
  • Herbal tea: take care with this and use herbal tea that you know is safe until you are sure you won't react to specific types.
  • Lamb
  • Pears and apples: some people may be allergic to apples, but they are great if you are not, as apple pectin is excellent to aid the gut.
  • Switch to eating organic food as there are advantages of organic food, and look at information about organic food to see more about the benefits of eating organic food.
  • Beans and legumes except peanuts.
  • Organic vegetables: lightly cook them to begin with to take the pressure off the gut digesting them.
  • You may prefer to drink vegetable juice but eat vegetables too, for the fibre component in your diet. Then as you improve add in more raw food.
  • Rice, millet, amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat.
  • Pear juice or nectar

Once you have stabilized your health you may add in some of the foods known to aid the healing of the gut.

Do this in line of course with any known allergies, do not eat any of these if you known you react to them, and add them in one at a time.

lemon waterStart your day by drinking lemon water
  • Start your day by drinking lemon water, the juice of half a lemon in warm or tepid water not cold water
  • Vegetables: cabbage, lentils, fresh ginger, avocados and Jerusalem artichokes all have enzymes in them that aid the gut to heal.
  • Fresh juice and aloe vera juice: which has a healing action on the gut.
  • Fresh organic fruits: avoid fruits that are high in salicylates if you have previously reacted to salicylate, to take pressure off your immune system.
  • Oily fish: such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring, anchovies
  • Olive oil or omega 6 oil
  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Onions and garlic: fresh garlic has a healing action, but use with care if you react to it at all as it has a strong action
  • Organic chicken
  • Seafood: make sure you avoid any seafood you know you may have allergic reactions to.

 Create A Safe Healing Environment

If you have not already done it, have someone help you to make sure that your environment is safe by removing clutter from your home

It is important that you make sure that your living environment is safe too.

As many of the problems in the gut are known to be caused by heavy metals and chemicals in your gut, it may not be enough to simply follow the leaky gut diet.

If you have allergies to any products be doubly sure to avoid contact with them and to use unscented and low chemical products as much as possible.

Once you have stabilized your health, ensure you keep healthy by continuing to use organic food and drinking lots of water.

The leaky gut diet is a prominent part of healing from this condition, as it is commonly partly caused by long-term incorrect dietary choices. 

Eat slowly, take small bites and savor your food, this will aid your digestion.

Use a diet diary to record what you have eaten, and you will find it easier to keep your body on the road to healing.

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