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Written By Liz Oakes

Using an organic latex pillow is an excellent idea for a number of reasons, but in particular it will help you to sleep better.

Natural latex has some excellent qualities, including having an ability to naturally breathe, and is resistant to dust and mildew.

I love my pillowI love my pillows

This material is both cushioning and supportive, which makes it extremely comfortable to sleep on. Organic latex is a natural fiber, grown on farms that do not use pesticides.

Organically grown latex is natural hypoallergenic bedding, so this is beneficial for allergic people. It also resists mildew and dust and is a material that will assist you in a number of ways.

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Benefits Of Natural Latex Pillow

There are a number of benefits of using latex. Latex is anti microbial and dust resistant. Although latex is quite naturally breathable, most manufacturers of these pillows make them with perforations in the material.

This is to allow air circulation, and to encourage them to breathe. This prevents a buildup of moisture and heat in the pillow.

This makes them cooler in summer, due to ventilation built in with the holes, which helps you to sleep better.

The temperature of these pillows remains fairly constant due to its breathability, so are comfortable year round.

Latex pillows may be a either a solid pillow, be solid with holes in them as mentioned above, or some are made from shredded rubber.

You may also get some that have a perforated section with space inside that is filled with shredded rubber.

This is mainly to prevent the contents of the pillow from bunching up at one end.

A solid latex pillow may be preferred as it won't lose its shape or flatten out, so they are better for the neck as they are both cushioning and supportive.

What Is Latex?

Genuine latex is a natural product that comes from rubber trees. The botanical name for these trees is Hevea brasiliensis, as they originated in Brazil.

The British brought trees from Brazil to Malaysia in the 1890's, and set up plantations, as rubber was in demand once they discovered how useful it was.

latex pillowI love my latex pillow!

These trees are harvested for their sap, and this is done by removing a piece of bark and allowing the cloudy milky white sap to leak out into a container.

This sap, the liquid produced by the rubber trees, is called latex.

This liquid is then put through various processes to manufacture items such as mattresses and pillows.

It may be sold as rubber or as latex, and this depends on the way the manufacturer wants to describe it. In the past they called it rubber, but you will now find that a pillow made from this natural product is called a latex pillow.

You do have to take care when buying latex pillows as not all of these are made from 100% genuine latex rubber. There is also synthetic latex which is being sold as latex, but is made from petrochemicals.

Synthetic latex does not have the same natural qualities that organic latex has. Take notice of what you are buying, as these synthetic products may also have a chemical smell.

There are also some pillows sold that are a blend between the synthetic and natural rubber.

So this is a good reason why buying organic products is better, as you can be sure that they have not blended in any synthetic man-made product with the natural latex.

The Organic Latex Pillow Difference

Natural organic latex is produced on plantations where they do not use pesticides to grow the trees.

Nor does the organic process use unnatural and toxic chemicals to process the latex liquid and turn it into lovely organic pillows. These pillows are part of the range of organic bedding that is now available.

These organic pillows will have organic cotton fabric covering the latex, and this is also a natural fibre, grown on farms that do not use pesticides. This is also beneficial for the environment.

How Will This Help You

For those looking for ways to sleep better, using an organic latex pillow may solve your sleep worries. Many latex pillows have contours built in, that make them better for neck support.

I love using a latex pillowLatex is cushioning & supportive. Image © Yuri_arcurs |Dreamstime

If you have been challenged by pain when you go to bed, these pillows may help you. 

They are naturally elastic so they provide support and firmness, as the material does not pack down as quickly as other types of pillows.

These are slightly more rigid than the soft pillows that are simply filled with shredded latex material.

It is possible to get organic pillows with different profiles, high, medium or low.

Latex pillows are one of the better pillows to provide neck support and good alignment of the neck and spine.

They will help you to sleep better as they help to prevent headaches, stiff necks and are known to improve insomnia.

A pillow made from latex is quite long-lasting and very durable and will last for longer than many other types of pillows.

Although they are quite dust resistant, more so than many other types of pillows, they are easy to hand wash if you feel that they are becoming dusty.

These pillows are known to help asthmatics to breathe better and may help to prevent snoring, as well as helping you if you have a dust mite allergy.

Cushioning And Supportive

Once you begin to use your organic latex pillow you will appreciate the benefits quite quickly. Natural latex helps you to sleep better as it is cushioning and supportive, and has an ability to naturally breathe.

I like using organic latex as it is a natural fiber, grown on farms that do not use pesticides.

You spend so many hours of each day in your bed, and your face is up against your pillow at this time, so it is important to make sure that what you have close to you, is both organic and allergy safe bedding.

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