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Written By Liz Oakes

To work out how to sleep better, you may need to take a really good look at your sleeping area. Checkout your bedroom to see if there are problems that may be causing sleep issues.

By making bedroom changes this may reduce the overall load on your immune system.

Sleep In An Allergy Safe BedSleep In An Allergy Safe Bedroom

Do you have trouble sleeping and are always tired? It may benefit you to begin the process of discovering what is causing your sleep issues by clearing clutter from the bedroom and clear electronic devices.

Another of the things you need to look at is the type of bedding you use, and maybe look at changing to allergy free bedding.

If you have a dustmite allergy, look at how you can reduce the amount of dust in your bedroom, as dust control is very important too.

If your room is too hot or too cold, look at ways that you can adjust your heating or cooling.

You may discover how to sleep better if your room is a comfortable temperature that allows you to sleep easily.

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How To Sleep Better... Create A Healthy Bedroom

If you're not getting enough sleep, look at the reasons why you may be sleeping badly.

To make a healthier environment, learn more about a number of things that you can change in your bedroom, as this may be helpful to aid you to discover how to sleep better.

Have a look at your window coverings and ensure that your curtains and/or blinds are good choices.

If necessary replace them, and choose alternatives that allow you to make the room dark enough that you do not get woken up by the light coming into the room.

A hidden but important issue to look at is the amount of electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical appliances.

Check the EMF levels in your home and reduce your exposure in the bedroom as much as possible.

Clearing clutter from your home is important as there are often many items lying around that may be either gathering dust or gassing off chemical odors that may cause sleep problems.

It is important to take steps to remove all the clutter from your bedroom.

How To Sleep Better... Your Bed And Mattress

As most people spend around 8 to 10 hours a night in this room, it is crucial to get this room healthy. 

Begin by clearing clutter from your bedroom as this is the first step to detoxify your living space and make your sleeping area healthier. 

My Allergy Safe BedMy Allergy Safe Bed

Part of how to sleep better is ensuring that your bed is comfortable to sleep in. If you wake up with back ache or a sore neck, maybe your mattress is the part of the problem.

If you intend to make changes, this is a good time to think about changing to the best type of bed you can afford, and remember organic mattresses.

Old mattresses often harbor dust and dust mites, which is bad for your health, so changing it may help you if you are allergic to dust mites.

If you are considering getting a new mattress, just make sure that it is a hypoallergenic chemical free mattress, and this includes looking at buying an organic mattress.

Organic mattresses can be made from a number of different materials and fabrics and you can now get organic mattresses made from wool or latex.

Think about using washable wool blankets, and you might also look at the type of mattress covers you use and your pillow covers.

Replacing your bed linen will help you, including using an organic wool pillows, as dust mites do not like wool.

If like many people you have a dust mite allergy, you will need to ensure that you do what is needed to control the dust mites, as this may aid you. 

This is also valuable to aid you to boost your immune system health, and make sure that your flooring does not harbor dust, and look at if you need to install natural wood flooring, as it is easy to keep dust free.

How To Sleep Better... Allergy Free Bedding

There are a range of different types of allergy safe bedding available now, and there are lovely options amongst them.

If you are extremely sensitive, think about using only organic bedding.

There are now a number of suppliers of both organic blankets as well as organic cotton bed linen.

There may be fabrics that you aren't actually allergic to, but that have chemical residues impregnated in the fabric. 

This is a good reason to buy your linen from reputable sources.

This is a better choice, rather than cheap linen that might come from factories in a third world country that does not have the standards of western countries.

Comfort is also important, and organic sheets are lovely against your skin, so you will sleep better.

Consider replacing your pillows if they are old and have built up dust and dust mites in them.

You may discover how to sleep better once you change the type of bed linen you use to organic fabrics, and this includes changing to organic pillows, such as an organic wool pillow or an organic latex pillow.

Electromagnetic Radiation In Your Bedroom

If you don't know how much electromagnetic radiation is in your bedroom, get yourself an EMF meter to check your home.

This way you can really be sure of how much electromagnetic radiation you have and where it is located.

Check the EMF levels in your home and reduce your exposure in the bedroom as much as possible by taking out all but the essential items.

Move all electrical appliances that are located close to your head, as far away as possible. Part of how to sleep better includes taking as many electrical items as you can out of the bedroom entirely.

If you need to keep a clock in the room, place it as far away from your head as possible.

I found having my alarm clock on the other side of the room helped me to get up in the morning, as you can no longer reach out and turn it off and go back to sleep!

Though on a serious note, this is important to your health, so it does need to move away from your head.

Think about the things that you can do to aid you to cut down on the overall load that your body has from indoor allergens that you may not be aware of.

Use Natural Remedies For Insomnia

There are also quite a few natural remedies for insomnia that may benefit you if you are having difficulty sleeping.

Magnesium supplements are helpful, and may also be beneficial to take, to ensure that you are not magnesium deficient.

This is a good type of natural health approach to discover how to improve your sleep. To help you sleep better, look at my sleeping tips article, to help you sleep better.

How to sleep better may be dependant on a number of things, so begin by looking at what needs to change, changing what you can and seeing how this works to aid your sleep.

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