Herbs For Joint Pain...

Using Herbs For Natural Joint Pain Relief

Written By Liz Oakes

Using herbs for joint pain is a good alternative pain relief choice to make, especially if you have tried other options and are looking for a better way to stop ongoing pain.

Cayenne pepper can help joint painCayenne Pepper Is A Natural Anti Inflammatory

If you have ongoing pain it is important to discover the joint pain causes. Do not neglect discovering why you have this pain.

Pain relief using natural herbal medicine was used before modern drugs were invented, and many herbal remedies are highly effective to ease pain.

Natural holistic practitioners may be able to aid you. 

There are now a number of alternative medicine practitioners who offer ways to help you to deal with your health issues, and can suggest natural joint pain relief tips.

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Herbs For Joint Pain... Natural Pain Relief Using Herbs

Some herbs for joint pain are taken internally and some are applied topically to the skin.

If you are taking tablets they may take more time to work than using the topical medicine, as sometimes their action may have a cumulative effect.

This might mean that this is not a quick fix, rather a long term plan for relief from the pain. As some can be used both ways check out the information below on how these herbs are used.

Turmeric aka Curcumin RootTurmeric aka Curcumin Root

There are a number of well known herbs for pain relief, and these may help to ease joint pain.

Many of these herbs are mixed together in specific natural herbal remedies for joint pain.

Natural anti inflammatory remedies will often contain these herbs as many are very effective to help inflammation and swelling.

They are especially helpful to help issues in the joints, and may help to ease your pain.

List Of Ten Most Effective Herbs For Joint Pain 

Wondering which herbs help joint pain?

For those who are suffering pain with health issues such as arthritis, it is common to have your doctor give you drugs.

If you would rather use a more natural approach to helping your pain, there are a number of herbs that you can utilize.

This is a list of the ten most common and effective herbs for joint pain.

More details about all of these herbs is provided in this article:

  • Turmeric aka Curcumin
  • Boswellia Serrata aka Frankincense
  • Ashwagandha aka Withania somnifera
  • Ginger
  • Arnica 
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Bromelain
  • Willowbark
  • Devils claw
  • Cats Claw

All of the above herbs are well known for their action to help the pain associated with arthritis. Although their may be other herbs not listed here, the herbs on this list are known to be highly effective to assist pain.

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Want To Learn More About The Best Herbs For Joint Pain?

Information about the most well-known, most popular and effective herbs for joint pain follows:

Boswellia: Boswellia Serrata was called Frankincense in biblical times, and this name may be familiar to you.

This is a potent herb, that may be beneficial to help your joint pain as it is a natural herbal anti inflammatory remedy.

Its active ingredients are referred to as boswellic acids, and their anti inflammatory action is believed to prevent inflammatory white cells from getting into damaged tissue.

This natural pain reliever is known to be effective to help arthritis and it is said to be one of the better anti-arthritic herbs.

This is one of the herbs for joint pain that may be found in combination herbal pain relief remedies along with other herbs such as turmeric and bromelain.

All of these herbs are excellent remedies for gout as they stop inflammation and aid pain relief.

You can use an extract of Boswellia for gout pain relief, as its one of the gout natural remedies, as it's very helpful to treat the pain of gout.

Ashwagandha The botanical name of this herb is Withania somnifera, and this is usually the name you see on the labels of many of the natural remedies to ease the pain of arthritis.

It's action as one of the herbs for joint pain relates to its strong anti-inflammatory action which helps to reduce pain and the swelling that is commonly the result of inflammation in joints.

Having pain in your joints is commonly one of the early symptoms of arthritis, and it is important to take action early to prevent it becoming an on-going problem.

The action of Ashwagandha is associated with the plant sterol's that make up its active ingredients.  

Withania is one of the herbal adaptogens that are particularly helpful to aid the symptoms of adrenal gland fatigue and its also helpful to aid stress and fatigue generally.

The benefits of ashwagandha are very helpful if you are suffering pain with your joints, as they work to help inflammation as well as or better than hydrocortisone.

But this herb does not have the side effects such as immune system depression that are commonly side effects of some drugs.

Arnica The homeopathic tinctures made from Arnica herb are used to make homeopathic arnica tablets. 

Homeopathic arthritis pain relievers may contain arnica made into a remedy homeopathically, as it is known to aid rheumatism and arthritis joint pain.

These homeopathic treatments using arnica work by reversing the effects of prostaglandins that cause pain. Arnica is also a common ingredient in number of products use to rub into the skin.

This herb is a common part of ointment for pain relief and can be used on the skin as long as it is unbroken. It may be available as Arnica balm or cream to help soreness and stiffness.

Be aware that if you are allergic to members of the Asteraceae or Compositae plant families, that you may react to Arnica. Some people react with contact dermatitis from using Arnica, so check with your health care professional if you are at all concerned about this aspect.

Cayenne Pepper There are many solid health benefits of cayenne pepper, as it is an anti-inflammatory that does not irritate the stomach.

This is one of the best herbs for joint pain, as it is known to ease pain in the gut caused by overuse of aspirin and it will also help ulcers.

Rubbing cayenne cream on the skin is one of the better ways to utilize it for the pain of arthritis.

It has a powerful ingredient in it called Capsaicin, which is known as a counter irritant.

The way this works is that its action irritates the skin, and this is known to help to get rid of the pain messengers in the joint, including helping to ease the pain of gout.

Note: it should be used only as directed as overuse can cause skin aggravation. This action in the nerves in the area around the painful joint where it is applied, commonly stop the brain from reacting to the pain, so you don't experience this as pain.

Cats Claw The cats claw herb contains natural sterols, which are natural occurring compounds in the herb that help to reduce swelling, often by around 50 percent. 

This creeping vine from the Amazon jungle is one of the herbs for joint painas well as being used to aid quite a few health issues.

There are cats claw benefits to stimulate immune function and to help other health issues. Its antioxidant properties have been found to aid the body during cancer treatments.

Bromelain: Bromelain is an enzyme that comes from the pineapple plant. It is found in the juice and stem of the plant, and it creates an excellent anti-inflammatory result.

It helps to ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis, and is also known as one of the herbs for joint pain relief.

There are benefits of using bromelain to aid pain, because Bromelain stimulates the body to produce a natural anti inflammatory chemical in the body called prostaglandin E1.

Bromelain also obstructs the production of another chemical called prostaglandin E2 responsible for causing inflammation. It helps the tissues of the body to let go of the inflammation because it disperses proteins in the swollen tissues.

It is known to help to curtail the time it takes to heal, and will diminish bruises and pain. It is known to aid the healing of joint and tendon injuries.

Devils Claw: Devils claw is one of the herbs for joint pain that has excellent healing qualities, as it is an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory herb.

It is one of the bitter herbs, and is a vine that is a native of South Africa, growing wild along the roadsides.

You can't use the wild herb, as it does need to be used in a enteric coated tablet as the gastric juices of the stomach break it down as it will not work.

The devils claw in these enteric coated tablets has an action that helps to carry the inflammatory agents away from the affected tissues.

Willowbark: Willowbark from the white willow tree could also be called natural aspirin as the active ingredient in aspirin is very similar to the active ingredient in willow bark.

This natural remedy has been in use for over two thousand years and was noted in ancient writings as being a good remedy to treat back pain by the physicians of the period.

It will help anything that aspirin is known to aid, but its action as an analgesic are slightly different. While it takes longer to take effect its effect will last longer than aspirin does, without some of the side effects.

It is necessary to have probiotic bacteria in your gut for it to work at its best.

If you don't already take lactobacillus acidophilus or one of the natural probiotics, you may like to get some and combine them with this remedy, and this will help the willow bark remedy to continue to work for several hours.

There are many health benefits of probiotics so this will be beneficial to your health generally.

Willow bark is better than aspirin because it does not cause bleeding or affect the lining of the stomach.

Studies into its use for osteoarthritis, found that it reduced this pain after around one weeks use.

If you have osteo-arthritis consider using a specific foods that help osteoarthritis as an alternative approach.

Ginger: The active ingredients in ginger are called gingerols, and it is believed that they are the reason for its healing action.

This herb is a strong natural anti inflammatory. The activity of gingerols assist the body to stop the creation of the inflammatory process.

This may be why this herbal remedy gives such impressive assistance for pain levels, by preventing the creation of the elements that cause inflammation.

This is one of the excellent herbs for joint pain, because ginger helps to prevent the formation of cytokines, which are specific immune chemicals that cause inflammation, and this helps to alleviate pain.

The immune chemicals can cause swelling and pain in the joints including arthritis, so using these herbs to aid inflammation can be very effective to help you.

A three year study of people with rheumatoid arthritis found that 75 percent had palliation from their pain and swelling by using powdered ginger.

If you have had pain in your joints, and problems with moving without it creating pain, you may want to look into the health ginger benefits to help your bodily pain.

Taking ginger based herbal medicine may be of benefit to help to lessen your pain levels over a period of time, and may bring about enhanced ease of movement in your joints.

There are now so many different varieties of alternative medicine that you can experience, and using one of these may help you to solve your pain problem.

Did You Know How Potent Turmeric Is For Pain Relief?

Turmeric Root Powder is one of the best natural herbal pain remedies, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years to heal the body.

The benefits of using turmeric mostly relate to its action for healing inflammation, and it is very helpful to ease joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory action.

It is very helpful to heal arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, and has many other healing qualities as it is very effective to aid a large number of different health conditions.

It is one of the premier herbs for pain relief as it is powerful anti inflammatory herb. There are many ways that turmeric can help you, including its action as a strong pain relief remedy.

It is one of the top herbs for joint pain, including being a strong gout pain treatment.

Discover how effective Turmeric is to help joint pain...

Turmeric RootTurmeric Root

Herbs For Joint Pain... Using Alternative Pain Relief

When you are in pain life is very difficult, and sometimes a new approach can benefit you.

An alternative is to talk to a natural health practitioner about new ways you can handle your pain relief needs, as this could benefit you.

While it is good to find a good natural remedy that will help you, ignoring the causes of joint pain is not advisable.

Meridian Tapping or EFT: various types of energy medicine may also be beneficial to assist you to deal with pain, including doing tapping aka EFT about the level of pain you are experiencing.

Natural holistic practitioners may be able to aid you, and there are now a number of alternative medicine practitioners who may offer different ways to help you to deal with your health issues.

The herbal remedies discussed above are a natural alternative pain relief option, and may be beneficial if you are not comfortable with the joint pain medication you have been using.

As you can see there are quite a few different herbs for joint pain, and often they are combined in remedies by biochemists who know how best to make an effective joint pain treatment.

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Herbs For Joint PainHerbs For Joint Pain

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