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Can You Find Fragrance Free Alternatives?

Written By Liz Oakes

Fragrance allergies, or sensitivity to perfume are some of the hardest allergies to deal with.

This is primarily because most fragrances sold today are a chemical cocktail of many different types of ingredients, with no two brands of perfume alike.

Learn about fragrance allergiesLearn about fragrance allergies

The number of possible ingredients in perfume makes it hard to do allergy desensitizing treatments based on individual ingredients.

So finding fragrance free products to use instead of perfumed items is your aim.

If you have a perfume allergy or are having issues because you have MCS, avoiding fragrances is important to your quality of life.

Finding fragrance free alternative goods in all categories of personal care items, is the best course of action.

While there is some controversy in medical circles about recognizing MCS as a legitimate health issue, reactions to perfumes is very well-known.

This is one of the most difficult issues for those who are sensitive to fragrance and who feel ill when they have contact with perfume.

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What Do You Do If You Have Fragrance Allergies?

As greater knowledge about these problems becomes available, more sources of information on what to do if you have fragrance allergies can now be found. Although the word allergies is used here, in the case of most chemically sensitive people they are not true allergies.

In the case of those with true allergies to the problem, this still leaves you with a large number of chemicals in the different products.

I was told by an allergy specialist that there are thousands of chemicals that make up fragrances, with a large number being mixed together to make each individual perfume, and no two are alike.

What Products Are You Reacting To?

If you have sensitivities or fragrance allergies, it is possible for you to be reacting to a number of different products. There are a number of product categories that you will need to find alternative fragrance free products in.

So look through the following list, which has been compiled to give you some ideas of which products you need to find.

Avoid using perfumed productsAvoid using perfumed products

Hair products that are fragrance free, includes hair care products such as:

  • fragrance free hair gel
  • fragrance free hair shampoo and conditioner

Other products you will need to find are:

  • fragrance free soap
  • natural teeth whitening
  • hypoallergenic, fragrance free or unscented deodorant
  • fragrance free cosmetics including natural makeup lines
  • fragrance free moisturizers and other skincare products
  • unscented dishwashing soap

There are a lot of lovely organic skin care products, and these may or may not be suitable for you to use, but this may depend on if you are allergic or if you are chemically sensitive.

Perfume Allergy

If you have spring allergy symptoms, you may have to take greater care at that time to avoid perfumed products. 

A good natural health approach is to look for products that are both natural and fragrance free, as well as being natural organic products where possible.

This way you avoid items made from chemicals. By buying organic you know that if the product is naturally derived, that it is sourced from plants grown organically.

If you are only allergic to a specific ingredient, you may find that some of the organic skin care products may be suitable, but it does depend on your allergies.

If you have the symptoms of MCS or what you think might be a chemical allergy, you may really have chemical sensitivity.

If you are allergic to perfumes you may find that it is to a specific type of fragrance, but if you are chemically sensitive you may find it is to all types of fragrances.

This includes naturally perfumed products made from organic ingredients. 

Some organic cleaning products could still cause problems for you if you have fragrance allergies or sensitivities so take care.

The need to use non toxic cleaning products is one of the important issues. One answer to this problem may be to make your own laundry detergent.

Get Rid Of Items Which Smell... You'll Feel Better!

There are a number of brands of organic bed linen, and many excellent quality items are available for both bedding and clothing.

It is excellent if you can find an organic alternative to the many products in your home. 

Avoiding Perfume Can Be DifficultChoose fragrance free products

If you are a person who has fragrance allergies or a sensitivity to perfume, once you detox your home environment and get rid of items with smells by clearing household clutter, you will feel so much better!

Using non toxic cleaning products may make an enormous difference to your quality of life.

It is possible to find fragrance free products to use instead of perfumed items.

Because most perfumes are a chemical cocktail of different types of ingredients it is necessary to think differently about how you live your life. It is deciding that you don't need to be perfumed to be clean.

When you smell your freshly laundered clothing it is nice to smell nothing at all!

If you have any of the MCS symptoms or if you have fragrance allergies, avoiding fragrances or perfumes is essential to your quality of life.

A beneficial natural health idea is to look for fragrance free alternative products in all categories of personal care items. This is the best course of action to get well and stay well!

If you have reactions to fragrances or allergies to perfumes that cause headaches, there are a number of benefits of using MSM powder to help you, as this is one of the best natural allergy remedies to help turn off reactions to perfumed products.

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