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Use Food Sources Of Zinc Every Day

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Foods high in zinc should be easy to add to your diet, even if you are allergic or chemically sensitive as there are many items listed that are good food sources of zinc.

Chicken meat contains zincChicken meat contains zinc

Many of the highest zinc foods are seafood or meat. But there are also a number of zinc rich foods amongst the grains, seeds and nuts.

If you are vegetarian or vegan it is important to take notice of which foods have more of this mineral, to avoid a zinc deficiency.

This mineral is also in a number of herbs, so this is another source of this mineral, and includes some that you may be able to use as herbal tea.

Zinc is one of the minerals that is found in every cell of the body.

There are many benefits of zinc, as this important mineral is so valuable to maintain a healthy immune system and to make sure your body functions at its best.

You could take a zinc supplement, and this may help you short term.

One way to do this, is ensure that any natural vitamin supplements that you are taking, such as multi-vitamins, contain this mineral.

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Foods High In Zinc ... Protein Sources and Cereals

If you have found that you have any of the zinc deficiency symptoms, it would be highly beneficial to add foods high in zinc to your diet.

This natural health approach will prevent a deficiency from occurring in the future.

A lack of zinc can be remedied by eating zinc rich food every day, as part of a healthy diet.

The foods highest in zinc are generally seafood, meat and poultry, and these may also be easier to absorb.

In the first table below, are listed the foods that you might eat in larger amounts.

These are mostly protein foods like meat and cereals that many people may possibly eat around 3 ounces or (approx 100g) in a meal.

The current RDA for zinc is 15 mg per day so you can see if you eat the right foods you can easily get this.

You can have health problems with getting too much zinc, and it is valuable to remember that an excess of zinc prevents the absorption of iron and copper and can create a number of toxic free radicals.

So this information is crucial so that you can have a balanced amount of this valuable nutrient.

Zinc (mg)
3 ounces
Wheat Germ
3 ounces
Roast Beef ~ Low Fat
3 ounces
Crab Cooked
3 ounces
3 ounces
4 -8
Oats ~ Cooked
3 ounces
Chicken Leg
1 medium sized leg
3 ounces
Baked Beans ~ canned
1/2 cup
Yoghurt Low Fat
1 cup
1/2 cup
Milk Full Fat
1 cup
1 ounce
Chicken Breast
1/2 breast no skin
Barley ~ Cooked
3 ounces
Brown Rice ~ Cooked
3 ounces
Fish ~ Flounder
3 ounces

Foods High In Zinc... Nuts And Seeds

In the table below are the nuts and seeds and these are listed at the amount of one ounce (28.35g).

If you are vegan, vegetarian or semi-vegetarian many of the nuts and seeds are good sources of minerals and can be easily added to your diet.

Cashews are a source of dietary zincYou can use Cashews as a source of dietary zinc

Many nuts are not only high in zinc but are also magnesium rich foods, as well as being foods that contain potassium.

So you will be able to benefit in more than one way by increasing these foods.

While nuts and seeds are foods high in zinc, it would be harder to eat 3 ounces or 100g of some of the nuts as they are quite rich.

So it may be necessary if you are a vegan to eat a mixture of the various items listed to obtain the RDA of 15 mg.

I have included information where possible on how many nuts you would need to eat but this is an approximation only as they vary in size.

Phytic acid is in wheat and other whole grains, legumes and raw nuts. Raw food containing phytic acid binds with nutrients to create deficiencies.

Soaking beans, nuts and other foods high in phytic acid for around 12 hours will reduce the phytic acid, and make the enzymes in the food more easily available and more easily digestible.

Zinc (mg)
Sesame Seeds or Tahini
1 ounce
Pumpkin Seeds
1 ounce
Pine Nuts
1 ounce
1 ounce
Brazil Nuts
1 ounce or
6 whole nuts
1 ounce or
19 halves
1 ounce or
23 whole nuts

There are a number of herbs that contain zinc, and although they may not contain a lot if you are using them in your diet they may be helpful if you are unable to find other sources of this mineral due to sensitivity issues.

Herbs that contain zinc include alfalfa, burdock root, cayenne, chamomile, chickweed, dandelion, eyebright, mullein, parsley, rose hips, milk thistle, sage and wild yam.

If you are allergic or food sensitive and react to foods on the above list this of course needs to be considered.

So using these herbs can be a helpful way to add this mineral to your diet, so check out the list of herbs to see what you can use as a source of extra zinc.

There are many benefits of magnesium for your health and it is helpful to eat foods rich in this mineral as well. 

Foods High In Zinc... Use Safe Foods

Although peanuts and eggs do contain zinc, I have omitted them from the list, as these are foods that are common allergens that many people react to.

These are foods that are probably best not increased, especially if you have allergies or the symptoms of MCS.

There are also items on the list that are common allergens such as cows milk. If you are chemically sensitive it is possible that you may be unable to eat a number of foods high in zinc that are on the list.

Although long term it is useful to add foods high in zinc to your diet, as this will prevent a deficiency from occurring in the future, vitamins and mineral supplements have a role to also aid current health issues. 

Zinc is one of the minerals that is found in every cell of the body, and there are many benefits of zinc, as this mineral is important to ensure a healthy immune system and to make sure your body functions properly.

If you have discovered that you have any of the zinc deficiency symptoms, you could take one of the natural vitamin supplements that contain zinc, or you could take a specific zinc supplement.

Almonds Are A Food Source of ZincAlmonds Are A Food Source of Zinc

If you are adding new foods to get extra zinc, eat only small amounts of any one, to avoid becoming sensitive to it.

The more variety you have in your diet the better.

Many foods that contain zinc also contain gluten, and this is especially true of the highest cereal sources of this mineral.

If you have leaky gut syndrome, the leaky gut diet requires you to avoid eating gluten.

If you are allergic to wheat you may not be able to eat some of these zinc rich foods, and the same applies if you have celiac disease.

You may be missing out on zinc due to your dietary restrictions, as it is necessary to avoid what you react to of course.

If you are on the diet for a leaky gut this may also apply to you.

To avoid creating allergies in the future, add in foods high in zinc but eat less of each one.

If you can manage to eat more foods, in smaller portions this may help you to avoid becoming sensitive to any one of them.

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