The EFT Tapping Points... 

Exactly Where Are They?

Written By Liz Oakes

The EFT tapping points shown on the tapping chart below are the points that are commonly used in EFT, although not all of these points are used by all EFT practitioners.

EFT Tapping PointsEFT Tapping Points

This natural health technique is very powerful, and sometimes one particular point is all that is needed.

But if you can use all of them, and tap through a full sequence, it can be the difference between a really successful result and one where you feel you haven't quite cleared the energy around the issue.

Once you have begun to do tapping regularly, the tapping points become second nature. When doing meridian tapping, you don't have to use every point every time, but if you you may find you get a better result.

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EFT Tapping Points ... The Setup Points

Gently feel around that area until you find a spot that is a little tender when you touch it. The right spot is likely to feel a little sore when you rub it, as this is a lymphatic point. Do not rub so hard that it hurts, just gentle rubbing.

Note: if you have any medical condition such as a heart problem that relates to this area, you might be better to use the karate chop point on the hand.

The tapping sequence starts with a setup phrase and this can be done in one of two places, the sore spot or the karate chop point. The first of the places is known as the sore spot, and is located on the chest on both sides, see chart below.

EFT Tapping Points

To locate one of the sore spots, go to the base of your throat and you will find a U shaped notch which is at the top of your sternum. Then move across about three inches, and then go down about three inches.

Many people prefer to use the karate chop point on the side of the hand rather than the sore spot, as it is easier to find and easier to use.

The karate chop point is very easy to locate. It is on the outside of the hand, between your wrist and little finger, the area where you would use if you were going to give a karate chop!

EFT Tapping Points Chart

The image below shows all of the main EFT tapping points. The important thing is to do what you feel is comfortable and works for you. Some tapping practitioners use the one on the head and others do not. As I find it is helpful to use it, I have included it.

EFT Tapping Points ... Tapping Points In Detail

When you begin to do EFT or tapping, you tap in sequence through all of the different tapping points. Once you have been doing this natural healing technique for a while, it becomes easier to find them as you go.

Details of the location of the actual points are outlined below. The order you tap them in, is the order shown below, starting at the top of the head and working in order through the other points.

  • Top of the head: It's at top of the head, and is abbreviated TH.
  • Eyebrow Right: Located at the edge of where the eyebrow starts, at top of the nose. This point is abbreviated in most tapping sequences as EB
  • Side eye: Located next to the eye, as the side of the eye. This point is abbreviated SE
  • Under eye: This point is located under the eye and is abbreviated UE
  • Under nose: Located under the nose above the top lip, and is abbreviated UN
  • Chin: This point is just under the bottom of the lip, and is abbreviated CH
  • Collarbone: This can be hard to find. If you are not sure where your collarbone is, an alternative is to use your whole hand rather than just the top fingers to tap this area. This point is abbreviated CB
  • Under arm: This point is about 3 inches down from the armpit and is abbreviated UA

Under breast: This is actually one of the eft tapping points that is not used so much anymore, but if you want to use it, it is located in men about an inch under the nipple, in women a little further down. 

It is where the underskin of the breast finishes and meets the chest. This point is abbreviated UB or UN (under nipple). It can be helpful to add in if you haven't been getting good results and want the extra help it may give you.

Most books about meridian tapping or the emotional freedom technique (EFT) will have the same EFT tapping points consistently throughout the book, and some may also include the wrist point.

This is where you gently tap your both wrists together. You can add these points to aid stubborn issues. Some old eft tapping books also use a process called the nine gamut procedure. 

Although Gary Craig used this as part of his practice, most EFT practitioners no longer do this as part of the process, even though if you have really stubborn problem that won't shift sometimes the addition of this can be beneficial.

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