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To Help Prevent Indoor Allergies

Written By Liz Oakes

To detox your home there are a number of different things that you can do, especially if you are allergic. Doing all or any of these things will help to prevent indoor allergies.

Detox your home by clearing clutterDetox your home by clearing clutter

Indoor allergies are prevalent throughout the community and many allergic people are sensitive to problems in their home environment.

Allergy prevention and the prevention of the reactions of chemical sensitivity is the first step to improve your health in a major way.

There are a number of different ways that you can do this. Read the list below and start at the beginning. 

Some of the items on the list are quite simple, but it may be best that you don't do them yourself if you are highly allergic.

Get other people to help you, particularly friends who are not chemically sensitive or allergic. Work your way down through the items on the list to aid you to detox your home.

You may find that your health will improve quite dramatically after you have changed the first couple of things.

If you are still sick, you may have to do more things on the list, and this may depend on what your home is like. 

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The Process To Detox Your Home

If you have been and had testing some of what you will learn here is already familiar to you.

If your home is reasonably healthy, you may be able to do a number of things to address the most well-known features that may aid you to make a serious difference to your health. 

One of the first places you need to detox is the bedroom. My specialist doctor made it very clear to me on my very first appointment, how important a healthy bedroom was.

When you are feeling sick where do you usually go? Because you spend so much time in the bedroom, usually around ten hours a night, it needs to be as safe as you can make it.

Start the process to detox your home in your bedroom, as this may help you to boost your immune system health. A very important part of the process of creating a safe home for allergic and chemically sensitive people is using allergy free bedding.

My Allergy Safe BedroomMy Allergy Safe Bedroom

Allergy is an immune response and differs a bit from multiple chemical sensitivity aka MCS, but both are related to the environment in which you live.

It is also important if you have allergies related to your outdoor environment, such as spring allergy symptoms, that you detox your home so as to ensure that where you live is a safe place to be.

If you do get sick, you can use natural remedies for allergy to help you to improve your health.

Keeping your diet as good as possible is important. A good natural health approach is to keep it free from problem foods, as this is important to help you to cope with the overall load.

Eating organic food can be very helpful, as there may be chemical residues in the non-organic food you eat. Learn the advantages of organic food, and change to organic products where you can.

How To Detox Your Home? How Does It Work?

Work your way down this list, doing each of the things on the list detox your home.

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  • Is your bedroom a healthy place for you to sleep? Create a healthier allergy free bedroom by using allergy safe bedding
  • Check out your bedroom furniture for out-gassing of dangerous chemicals.
  • Think about the air quality of your home, and weigh up if you need an indoor air purifier or filter, especially in your bedroom and living areas.
  • Switch to green cleaning supplies and ensure you use fragrance free products that have low or no scent in them. 

There are now more and fragrance free products on the market, so if you are sensitive seek these out.

If you can't find one that you can tolerate, you can solve this issue, by making your own fragrance free homemade laundry detergent.

This is particularly important, as many if not most chemically sensitive people have an allergy or sensitivity to fragrance.

  • There are many substantial health advantages of drinking water, so it is very important to ensure that you drink adequate water
  • Look at installing good quality kitchen water filters for home use.
  • Look at whether your window coverings are allergy safe.
  • Clear clutter from your bedroom, such as books and other things that gather dust. 
  • Also look at clearing clutter from the rest of the home, such as half-empty bottles in the bathroom, that take up space and gather dust, as this is very important.
  • Removing any mold in the house is important. This may not be present in the bedroom, or at least not as much as in other rooms, but it should be looked at carefully.
  • Look at your heating and cooling methods. Are they safe for allergic or chemically sensitive people?
  • Be aware of the issue of electromagnetic radiation of electrical appliances, and check the EMF levels in your home and use EMF protection if you feel you need to.
  • Look at the bathroom and ensure that this important room is kept healthy. If you have mold allergies, learn about how to clean black mold safely, and find out about mildew removal.
  • If you have a dust mite allergy, you need to take action and it is not difficult to do.
  • Dust control is important, so control dust mites firstly in the bedroom then throughout the whole home, including your lounge chairs or sofas and also in the bedding of pets.
  • Recognize if your floor covering is a problem and consider installing eco-friendly natural wood floors if required. 
  • Use solid wood floors or cork flooring, as they are both natural, and cleaning wood floors or cork is quite easy.
  • Either use no pesticides or find natural pesticides to use in your home.
  • Learn the definition of organic food, and think about switching to natural organic products as much as you can, including organic bed clothes.

Improve Your Health

The process to detox your home may seem a little daunting, but it will improve your life dramatically if you start by detoxing the area where you sleep.

Take it a small bite at a time, as it is worth doing. You will find that as you work through the items above you will improve your health in a major way.

As you look through the list, see if there is anything there that can be done more easily and do it. Clearing the clutter will help a lot!

Get a friend who is not allergic to help you, but it is important to make changes, as by detoxing your home you may create a major improvement in your health.

Tips for helping you to detox your life...

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