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How Is Organic Food Different?

Written By Liz Oakes

The definition of organic food relates to how food is produced. This is valuable as anyone buying it can be sure that they are getting food that adheres to certain standards of production.

Organically grown pepperOrganically grown pepper

This applies to both organic raw food such as vegetables, fruit and grains, as well the production of organic meat and poultry.

Many products on the shelves of our grocery stores have the word organic on the label. 

Yet although you may see this word on the label this does not mean that the product is any different. This can be confusing as the word organic is sometimes mis-used by food makers.

They use it to imply that a product they are selling is better, but it does not mean that the food is genuine certified organic food.

To be true organic produce, that is better for your health, it needs to have information that tells you that it is truly certified organic produce.

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What Is Organic Food? Why Eat Organic Food?

What is the definition of organic food? Why would you eat organic food? What makes it different?

If you have been asking yourself or others this question, hopefully I can help you to be able to more easily tell the difference between organic food and non-organic food, and more about natural organic products.

As a lot of people talk about the benefits of organic food, many of you may have began to realize that not all food is created equal.

In order to know if that is true, and that the quality of what you are buying is superior, you really need to know the real definition of organic food.

So how do you know for certain, what you are buying is better than other food, when it often looks alike?

Why Would You Buy Organic Products?

This really comes back to a major degree why are you using organic food. Most people want to know the advantages of using organic raw food and what the benefit of organic food is to you and your health.

lettuce growing organicallyOrganic lettuce

If you are considering the natural health benefits, it is important to know more about growing organic food.

Farmers who have organic farms, and are producing organic raw food such as the fruit and vegetables and grains that make up the staple diets of most of you, do not farm the same way as non-organic farmers.

The major differences are the use of herbicides, pesticides and unnatural fertilizers, that are not used by farmers growing organic food.

Its valuable to be aware that all of these chemicals, unnatural products that are used on non-organic farms form part of the non-organic food product.

So if you buy these foods you will be eating food that may contain some residues in them, of the chemicals that have gone into their production.

This is also why there is more interest in the home organic vegetable garden. A natural health idea for many people is to choose to grow organic vegetables at home, although this is not always possible due to climatic conditions in many parts of the world.

What you eat and what is in the food you eat, impacts your health, so it is important to be fully aware of the organic food facts.

Definition Of Organic Food

When thinking about the definition of organic food most people simply want to know, how can I tell if a food is really organic?

Due to this demand for assurance, the governments of many countries have set standards so that we the consumers can tell if a food is really organic. The legal definition for this is organic certification.

Use organic tomatoUsing organic food is better for your health

A number of countries have organic certification standards in place to protect the consumers from claims made that are untrue.

For the products produced to be certified organic, they must be grown and manufactured in a way that adheres to the standards set down by the country they are sold in.

The following information on the countries have that have organic certification comes from Wikipedia:

  • United States: National Organic Program (NOP)Standards
  • Canada: Canada Gazette Government of Canada
  • United Kingdom: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
  • Australia: Australian Organic Standard and NASAA Organic Standard
  • European Union: EU-Eco-regulation
  • Sweden: KRAV
  • Norway: Debio Organic certification
  • India: NPOP, (National Program for Organic Production)
  • Japan: JAS Standards

If you want to read more information on this go to this Wikipedia page where there are in-depth details on organic certification.

So now you know how to tell if a food is organic maybe you want more information about the production of organic products. This includes both the production of organic food and organic bed linen

If you are still not sure, read the advantages of organic food, to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

Definition Of Organic Food... Clear Labelling

Now that you know that the definition of organic food relates to how food is produced,  this makes it easier to tell if you are getting genuine certified organic food.

The fact that it should be clearly labeled with the standard used in the country where it is produced is important.

This will help you to be sure that you are buying food that adheres to certain standards of production. This applies to both organic raw food such as vegetables, fruit and grains, as well the production of organic meat and poultry.

If you want to eat organic look for a label telling you that what you are buying is certified organic.

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