Codonopsis Root ...

From Dang Shen Herb... Excellent Adaptogen

Written By Liz Oakes

The Codonopsis root is the part of the Dang shen herb that is used to make herbal remedies, and this adaptogenic herb is becoming more well known.

Dried Root of the Codonopsis herbDried Root of the Codonopsis herb

Herbal remedies that are made from the root of this plant are excellent medicines.

They are beneficial health solutions to assist you to deal with tiredness, chronic fatigue, stress, adrenal fatigue and digestive problems.

This herb aids dry coughs and lung conditions, including wheezing. 

It is helpful as an anti-ulcerogenic agent, meaning that it protects you against ulcers. It is also an anti-aging herb, that is helpful for a number of health problems.

This includes its action to assist immune function, digestive and urinary health, regulating blood sugar, improving brain function, and building the blood and increasing red blood cells.

It is also gastro-protective, meaning that it protects your digestive system, and it is helpful for weight management.

It is also used as part of cancer treatment, and in China this is known as fu zheung treatment. The aim of this treatment is to prevent the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

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About Codonopsis Root

Although there are around forty odd different Codonopsis plant types, there are two main varieties of this herb that are used to make herbal remedies.

These herbs are native to Asia, and the botanical names of the two main varieties used in remedies are Codonopsis pilosula and Codonopsis tangshen.

Most of the varieties of Codonopsis are shade loving vines, that are grown on trellises, and are widely cultivated in various parts of China for the herbal remedy market.

This herb is commonly known by a number of names, including Asian bellflower, bonnet bell flowers, Dang Shen, poor mans ginseng, tojin in Japan and tangsam in Korea.

Note: It is the root of this adaptogenic herb that is used for making herbal tinctures and teas.

This plant has quite a few excellent qualities that are beneficial to aid a number of health problems.

Codonopsis Root... Fatigue And Stress

Codonopsis is one of the adaptogenic herbs, which as a group strengthen your ability to defend against high levels of stress, anxiety, trauma and fatigue.

Stress is becoming more common these days and ongoing stress can cause a number of health problems.

There are a number of health issues caused by stress, and you can discover more information about this in the in-depth article, how stress can affect your health.

Adrenal gland fatigue is commonly a result of long term ongoing stress, and there are a number of symptoms of adrenal fatigue that can result from stress.

When your adrenal glands work too hard over a long period, this causes excessive amounts of the adrenal hormones to enter your blood.

You need these hormones, such as norepinephrine and epinephrine to help you to deal with life, including stress.

But having large amounts of these hormones present in your blood can cause a number of health problems. Eventually this high output cannot be sustained.

Once you are unable to keep up with the high demand, and your adrenal glands make less of these important hormones that the body needs, you may suffer severe tiredness and eventually exhaustion.

While adrenal exhaustion is commonly caused by long term stress, it can also be caused by a single intensely stressful event. Codonopis root remedies will help you in two ways.

  • Firstly this herb helps you to deal with the stress better and improve stamina levels and fatigue. This means you no longer need as much of these hormones in your blood.feb
  • Secondly, it inhibits adrenal cortex action. This helps the adrenal gland to shut down the creation of excessive amounts of these natural chemicals once you no longer need them, and takes the pressure off your adrenal glands.

Because this herb has a role to bring more energy into the cells, and helps to build the blood and increases red blood cells, this also makes you feel better.

 Aids Headaches, Anti Aging Herb

Some people react to stress by suffering with headaches, including migraines. This herb is used as part of traditional Chinese medicine to treat headaches that are related to muscular tension or high blood pressure.

Codonopsis PlantCodonopsis Plant

Other health issues that may be a result of stress include difficulty concentrating and memory problems.

Codonopsis root is helpful to improve the way the brain works, and helps you to think more clearly.

Many people associate memory problems with aging, and are looking for a solution to stop it from advancing. Like most Chinese tonic herbs, remedies that contain this herb will slow the progression of aging in the body. 

Adaptogenic herbs are helpful to use to assist problems with inflammation, and this is related to their antioxidant activity. The reason antioxidants are also known to aid longevity, is that they protect the body from the ravages of oxidation.

Any herb that aids longevity may be called an anti aging herb, and this herb fits into that category. This herb is often a part of many stress and anti aging herbal remedies.

It is sometimes used as a substitute for panax ginseng to reduce the cost, as it has similar properties but is less expensive to buy.

As well it is said to be helpful to use if you find that panax ginseng overstimulates you, as tinctures of codonopsis root have many similar qualities without the over-stimulation.

Codonopsis Root ... Immune System

Codonopsis Plant In Flower, Blossom On PlantCodonopsis Plant In Flower, Blossom On Plant

Dang Shen is also an excellent immune tonic, that helps to give you increased immunity as it helps to boost your immune system health.

It may be used in remedies during winter to aid you if you have ongoing lung infections or if you continuously get colds or the flu.

It is used in China to treat wheezy and dry coughs, and lung conditions that are accompanied by wheezing. It is known as a good treatment to use to help chronic fatigue syndrome and will help to enhance the health of your immune system generally.

When used as part of the fu zheung treatment, its action enhances the effects of cancer chemotherapy drugs, as well as helping to boost immunity.

Heard Of Superior CBD Oil?

Recently I came across a herbal remedy that combines this herb in a plant based botanical formulation called Superior CBD Oil.

This remedy is a mixture of Astralgalus with Dang Shen and a number of other very effective herbs, that provide analgesic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

It also contains a number of additional helpful ingredients that help to boost your energy levels and assist healthy aging.

Codonopsis Root ... Digestion & Weight Control

The digestive system is made up of a number of different functions and includes quite a few different organs.

Both digestion and the health of the urinary system can be effected by stress. 

Stress can also have an effect on the level of intestinal flora that is available to ensure your digestive tract remains healthy. This herb will help to strengthen the stomach and spleen area.

Codonopsis root is known to help to improve your appetite and help to mend digestive problems, and is supportive of the kidneys and of the urinary function generally. 

It is also an anti-ulcerogenic agent, meaning that it protects you against ulcers. 

It has been shown in studies to help to prevent the formation of peptic ulcers that are a result of stress, or those related to diarrhea, vomiting or appetite loss. 

This herb is also been shown to be gastro-protective, and is a gentle tonic herb for the digestive tract. It can be used as tea, taken three times a day.

By its action to help to lengthen the time food remains in the stomach before moving to the intestines, this may produce better digestion of food. It is thought that it works to reduce the secretion of pepsin in the stomach.

It will help to normalize insulin and help to regulate blood sugar levels. This is particularly helpful for those who have adrenal fatigue, when cortisol levels being out of balance may affect how the body uses glucose.

This herb also has a role to aid management of your weight. This is also related to how it works in the body to enhance your digestive system.

By regulating your blood sugar this helps you to better use food and aids the body to improve how it utilizes it.

Codonopsis Root ... Combining With Other Herbs

Herbal tinctures made from Codonopsis root may be used in combination with a number of other herbs including:

  • There are astragalus benefits when used in combination with myrrh and Codonopsis root, as a good treatment for mononucleosis.
  • When used for gastric protection, and for healing gastric and duodenal ulcers, this herb may be combined with aloe vera and licorice root which aids healing of the gut.
  • According to a study done in 2004, if you have been using gingko biloba to aid your memory and learning abilities, combining it with Codonopis pilosula makes it more effective that when it is used on its own.

If you are using this herb for healing ulcers, it may be advisable to take medical advice on dosage. If you have acute viral or bacterial illnesses, this herb is not believed to be an appropriate treatment.

Because this herb has a good number of excellent actions to aid your health, and is particularly helpful for the tiredness of adrenal fatigue, it is worth asking your naturopath or medical practitioner if they feel it should be part of your treatment.

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