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Helps To Improve Your Health

Written By Liz Oakes

Clearing clutter from your home is about removing items that you no longer use, or that you do use but that should be stored away to avoid being a dust trap. 

Clearing ClutterClearing Clutter, Get Rid Of Unused Products

This includes getting rid of bottles of 'products' that you are no longer able to use because of their smell, and that clutter up your space.

Especially the bottles of perfumed products, toxic products and items that have a strong smell of any sort, that you still have, that you'll never use now.

This process also includes papers and books and stuff you've been accumulating that gathers dust. This is a problem area for most allergic people.

Remember to put away magazines with glossy covers or even get rid of them entirely, as many of these have a strong smell of the ink used to print their bright colored pages.

You may also need to remove cleaning products from the kitchen and garage, and get rid of any old pots of paint that you have kept.

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What Is The Purpose of Clearing Clutter?

The main purpose for clearing clutter is to detox your home. You may not be able to do this yourself, as many of these items have a strong smell, and this may be making you sick.

If you are chemically sensitive and/or allergic, once you remove all of the toxic products from your home, your health may improve dramatically in many  cases. 

Ask a good friend or family member who is not sensitive to smelly products to do it for you if possible.

If you do not already have storage units that seal well, for your books and items like these that you want to keep, you may have to take them out of the living area.

Remove them until you can store them in a way that does not gather dust. You will feel much better when you liberate yourself from items that you no longer require.

Clearing Clutter... Making Your Home Allergy Safe

Many of the products in your home that you need to get rid of have a strong perfume.

As well you may also need to remove some chemical cleaning products, especially bleach based products found in the bathroom and laundry.

Clearing ClutterStart Clearing Clutter

Some of the smells may be perfume, others may be chemical based. Some homes are a toxic cocktail of nasties, and this can make it difficult to work out why you are sick, especially if your problem is constant and on going.

Remember to also get rid of spray cans of pesticides, as they are one of the worst things for most allergic and chemically sensitive people.

You need to clear everything from the whole home that may be a problem, but the two areas of importance to do first are the bedroom and the bathroom. 

Clearing clutter from the bathroom in many cases is quite easy. One of the easy bathroom ideas entails simply removing the contents of any products in the vanity or in any other storage units in the room.

You will of course need to replace all of the products you remove, so keep a skeleton range until you have bought safe fragrance free products to replace them.

If the toilet is separate to the bathroom, make sure you take out any bottles of bleach based products that may be there.

You may also have to take out the brush you used to clean the toilet and replace it with a new one, as they easily become impregnated with the bleach smell

The same applies to any cleaning implements you have used in the bathroom, such as brushes or cleaning cloths.

Clearing Clutter... How To Sleep Better

Your next step is to clear all of the clutter from the bedroom where you sleep.

If you have a dust mite allergy this is important as you want to remove anything that will gather dust.

My allergy safe bedMy allergy free bed

If you are wondering how to sleep better, this process will help you to work out if clutter is part of your problem.

If there are products that you want to keep, that are currently located in the bedroom, think about finding somewhere else to store them.

Makeup and skin products are full of chemicals, and although you may want to keep them, find a place outside your sleeping area for them.

To improve your health you need this space to be as clear of products as you can. Remove all books and anything that may have any smell attached to another room, to ensure that this room is a safe place to sleep.

Clearing Clutter... What To Do With It?

Clearing clutter from your home is about allowing yourself to release articles that you either no longer use, because they make you sick!

Do you want to continue with clearing clutter such as books or magazines that are in good condition?

If you have books or magazines that simply smell too highly for you, you may be able to donate them to a local group such as a charity.

Clear clutterClear clutter such as books or magazines

You may be able to give away some of the unwanted perfumed products to other people who do not have fragrance allergies or are not sensitive to them.

But remember to check that whoever gets them is not allergic to perfume!

If you have a separate garage or storage shed, put it in there to begin with, until you work out how to dispose of it.

Some products are toxic and cannot simply be placed in the bin. You may have to find out from your local authorities what you should do with these items.

Give Away What You Don't Use Anymore

Let go of all the bottles of stuff that have sat around and you can't use any more as they clutter up your life and they clutter your mind too.

If you are allergic to dust, to help you to control dust mites, put away papers and books and other stuff you've been accumulating that gathers dust.

This is a problem area for most allergic people, so work out ways to store possessions and documents that you need to keep.

If you are allergic, any bottles of perfumed or strong smelling products should go, as you will never use them again.

This is the first step to creating a non-toxic home, and the beginning of your journey to feel better permanently.

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