Ceramic Water Purifiers...

An Easy And Safe Way To Filter Your Water

Written By Liz Oakes

Ceramic water purifiers are an excellent way for allergic or chemically sensitive people to filter the water you drink. The actual filter receptacle, holding the water is ceramic.

Ceramic water purifiers work on the principle of gravity fed filteringCeramic Water Purifier

This ceramic receptacle in this type of filter makes it a safe storage place for your water once it is filtered.

The water is filtered via gravity, through one of the ceramic water filters, which cleans the water and makes it pleasant to drink.

This type of filter removes impurities that make the water taste bad, and it also removes a number of other impurities that are bad for your health.

It is common to start using a water filter if you don't like the taste of the water you are drinking.

You may find that increasing your water intake will also improve your health as there are so many benefits of increasing the amount of water you drink every day.

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Ceramic Water Purifiers

For me the taste of the water is right at the top of the list when deciding which type of filter to use. If you need to work out how to drink more water, your water will need to taste good for you to be able to drink more of it.

They have a similar look to a water crock, but they are different to a water crock in that they also contain one of the ceramic water filters inside them.

Most of you will probably be aware of the benefits of drinking water, and this is especially important if you have been having health problems caused by toxins.

When you are looking at the options for water filters for home use, these water purifiers are an excellent choice.

There are quite a few different types of filters sold, yet for quite a few reasons ceramic water purifiers are superior to many other filters.

There are a number of important factors to consider when you are looking at ways to filter water.

Ceramic water purifier with filterCeramic water purifier with filter

Ceramic water purifiers with filter are one of a number of gravity fed water filters that are on the market. Amongst these first and foremost is the taste of the water you drink.

These particular models take a Royal Doulton super sterasyl filter which is said to filter 2000 liters before needing replacing.

There are also a number of other similar ceramic water filters that are available that are made to fit these ceramic water purifiers.

Most brands of filters seem to do the same job of filtering out unwanted chemicals and toxins from the water.

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Ceramic Water Purifiers ... How Do They Work?

These types of ceramic water purifiers work on the principle of gravity fed filtering. What this means is that there is a bowl at the top that holds the water.

Use a ceramic water purifierUse a ceramic water purifier

If you look at the photo to the left you can see that this is a separate piece that sits above where the filtered water goes after filtering.

You start the process by filling the top section with the water you want to filter, and replacing the lid to keep dust out.

The filter sits in the water which you have placed in this top section. The water moves through the ceramic outer coating of the water filter, which also contains silver and is said to have around 1 micron porosity.

It is then also filtered by the inner filter which holds activated carbon to clean the water. Once filtered the water drips out of the filter into the lower container.

The specific filter that is illustrated here holds around ten liters in the bottom when full, and if you keep the top filled it will automatically continue filtering the water as you remove it from the bottom section.

There are of course a number of different brands of filters that use the same method for filtering water. As more people are recognizing the need to keep healthy, they are becoming more popular.

Spigot or small faucet tap on water purifiersSpigot or small faucet tap on water purifiers

It is very easy to use, as it has a spigot or small faucet or tap at the front at the bottom of the unit.

This makes it easy to take a cup of water out, or even to place a small jug under it that holds the amount of water you want to use.

They also come in different sizes that hold more or less litres of water, than this one that is illustrated.

Replacement water filters are being manufactured by a number of different companies, and as most of these use similar specifications they are easy to replace.

A Safe Storage Receptacle For Your Filtered Water

Using a water crock that is made from ceramic material, makes it is a safe storage receptacle for your water after you have filtered it. 

The improvement in the taste of the water you drink means you will also find that you more easily work out how to drink more water.

As there are many benefits of drinking water it is important to make sure that you filter your water properly.

If you have health problems or are allergic or chemically sensitive, using one these ceramic water purifiers is an excellent way to filter the water you drink. 

It is important for you to remove the impurities from the water you are going to drink as many of these are bad particularly bad for the health of anyone who is sensitive to toxins and chemicals that may be in the water supply.

They are a good long term investment in your health and will also make the water pleasant to drink.

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