Ceramic Water Filters...

Clean Your Water and Improve Your Health

Ceramic water filters are one of the easiest way to ensure that the water you drink is safe. By removing a number of contaminants it also improves the taste.

Ceramic Water FilterCeramic Water Filter

By using one of these filters to clean your water, you will remove a number of dangerous toxins that you may not be aware are present in the water that you currently drink.

If you are sensitive to chemicals or have allergic reactions to a number of things, you may improve your health by removing toxins from the water you drink.

Especially if you are allergic or sensitive to chemicals, it is important to make sure that the water you are drinking is safe.

Many people are unaware of how many toxins and chemicals even bacteria are in the tap water that comes into your home. We all know we need to drink more water, just make sure the water is benefiting you and not full of toxins.

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Ceramic Water Filters For Home Use

If you have been thinking about how to drink more water, the first thing is to make sure that the water you are drinking is worth drinking. There are a number of water filters for home use.

If you are looking at ways to filter water, these days there are a number of water filters for you to choose between. The most common are the filter jugs that are sold in a large number of places.

Although they remove a number of toxins, the best type of filters remove many more chemicals from the water that the jug filters do. When you drink good quality water, you like how it tastes and this makes you want to drink it.

Actual Filter Candle Inside Ceramic Water Purifiers

For health reasons, it is important to make sure that you filter your water properly.

There are so many benefits of drinking water, and of making sure you also drink enough water to assist your body to remove toxins.

Drinking clean filtered water is an excellent natural health idea that is valuable to improve your well being.

When talking about ceramic water filters this is referring to the actual filter candle that filters the water.

Ceramic filter candles are superior water filters as they filter out so many different types of problems from your water.

As the water is so clean and pure once it is filtered, it is best that you keep it in a container that does not add back any toxins. There are a number of brands of different actual filtering units sold, that the ceramic filter can be attached to.

It is important that when you use a high grade ceramic filter that you use it in conjunction with either a porcelain or stainless steel receptacle that the water drips into after it has been filtered, such as one of the ceramic water purifiers.

How Does This Type Of Water Filter Work?

One of the most popular ceramic filters sold is the Royal Doulton Super Sterasyl Filter. You can use these filters in stainless steel or ceramic water purifiers.

The sterasyl ceramic shell is designed to remove bacteria and solids from the water. The ceramic outer shell contains silver that is said to kill bacteria and to also prevent the growth of bacteria in the filter.

This filter is designed to remove a number of extremely dangerous bacteria such as E.coli, giardia and parasites as well as herbicides, pesticides, metals, chlorine, VOC's and sediment or soil.

These are all things that make the water taste bad and to be bad for your health, especially if you are allergic or chemically sensitive.

Used In Gravity Fed Water Filters

The filter candles are designed to be used in a gravity fed water filter, where the water flows from the outside of the filter to the inside.

They are manufactured to a standard that is said to filter 2000 liters before you need to replace it. In the average home that may be around one year, but depending on water use could be less.

The replacement water filters are available at a number of outlets as they are highly regarded as top of the range filters, and Royal Doulton makes a number of units that you may like to use them in.

Because ceramic water filters remove so many toxins and chemicals from the water, this makes it so much safer to drink.

By removing toxins and chemicals such as E.coli, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, VOC's and sediment you will find you will see a noticeable difference in the taste of the water you drink and in your health.

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