Health Benefits Of Ginger Root...

Powerful Anti Inflammatory Herb

Written By Liz Oakes

The benefits of ginger root for your health, may not be well known to you, even if you have used it in your cooking. 

It has many excellent healing properties, especially to ease the pain of arthritis and joint pain, as it is a very effective anti inflammatory herb.

Ginger Root, effective anti inflammatory herbGinger Root is an effective anti inflammatory herb

The healing properties of Ginger are particularly valuable as an anti-inflammatory to aid arthritis and joint pain generally, but it also helps a number of other conditions.

Many of you probably have drunk either Ginger ale or ginger beer, especially when you were feeling nauseous.

These drinks originated from a need to find a way to make a ginger drink that would keep well, as it was so effective for nausea.

It assists the inflammation of many types of arthritis, colds and flu and aids allergies. Organic ginger is widely used both in Asian cooking and for medicinal purposes. 

This root extract can be utilized for healing of a number of health conditions as there are many benefits of ginger root. Drinking fresh ginger tea is another way this herb can be used to aid healing.

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Health Benefits Of Ginger Root ... What Is Ginger?

Ginger is a herb that comes from the family called Zingiber officinale. Wild ginger originated in China then spread out into other parts of Asia and eventually to the whole world.

At the time of the ancient Romans, it was taken to Europe, and from there it spread out, as sailors took the rhizomes or roots, to many areas for planting, to ensure supplies of the herb.

This herb from southern Asia has spread to many regions, due to its effectiveness to aid healing. The Ginger plant family also includes Turmeric, from which the well known turmeric extract is made.

The active ingredients in Ginger are called gingerols, and they are also well known for their effectiveness for aiding the body to heal many health issues.

The ginger root, or rhizome as it's known, is now quite widely available in most parts of the world, and may either be bought as a spice, known as ground ginger or as the ginger root.

Its easy to grow ginger quite easily in your garden if you live in the right climate, but the root also keeps well and is often sold for cooking, along with other organic vegetables.

This herb is said to be more widely used than any other herb, and in a variety of ways.

The root of the Ginger plant is well-known for its use for cooking, but it is also be prepared as a herbal extract used in natural herb based remedies

Benefits Of Ginger Root ... Anti Inflammatory Herb

One of the most valuable and useful health benefits of ginger root extract, is its excellent anti inflammatory action to help arthritis. 

Many people with arthritis have quite a lot of pain, and this herb may be worth using to see if it helps to ease it.

This is one of the excellent herbs that help joint pain, because ginger helps to prevent the formation of cytokines, which are specific immune chemicals that cause inflammation.

Know the health benefits Of Ginger Root?Know the health benefits Of Ginger Root?

The active ingredients in Ginger called gingerols seem to be responsible for the dramatic improvement in pain levels that are related to taking Ginger.

The chemicals called cytokines that are produced by the immune system, can cause long term health issues, such as swelling and bodily discomfort such as arthritis.

Ginger is known as one of the more powerful herbal anti inflammatory remedies, and has the capacity to inhibit the formation of the factors that cause the inflammation.

In a study of people with rheumatoid arthritis, 75 percent had relief from their pain and swelling after taking powdered ginger.

If you have had difficulty moving, without it causing you pain, you may wish to look at the health benefits of Ginger root to aid your suffering.

Taking Ginger based remedies may be beneficial to improve your pain levels long term... as it is a natural pain remedy that may also bring about enhanced ease of movement in your joints.


If you have sports injuries such as sprains or strains it can be combined with other anti-inflammatory herbs such as Boswellia extract and/or Bromelain to help to ease the inflammation.

It may be useful to use to help the early symptoms of arthritis, to prevent it becoming so bad it becomes difficult to deal with.

Other health benefits of ginger root include helping to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol as it obstructs the production of cholesterol by the liver.

It may also help to prevent clots and lower high blood pressure, as it helps to improve circulation.

Health Benefits Of Ginger Root ... Digestion Herb

This herb is one of the more well-known digestion herbs. The role of ginger for nausea is well known, as it will help to relieve nausea, indigestion and intestinal cramping.

It also has an action that works a little like the function of digestive enzymes, as it aids the breakdown of protein. 

Ginger root heals ailments relating to the digestion, and has been traditionally used to treat gastrointestinal problems.

This is because it cleanses the colon and generally helps cleansing of the body by promoting perspiration.

In controlled studies it has been shown to be very helpful to aid motion sickness, in particular for seasickness.

It is known to be more effective than Dramamine, an over the counter drug made for the same purpose. 

It helps common symptoms of motion sickness, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, queasy stomach and cold sweats. 

Ginger also contains a natural chemical called zingibain that is known to help to dissolve parasites and their eggs. If you ever eat raw fish, such as sushi you may have seen it served with pickled ginger.

The purpose of this is to kill any parasites that may get into your digestive tract from eating the raw fish. 

You may benefit from drinking Ginger root tea after eating sushi as this is a good treatment for treating parasitic diseases.

It is also very helpful to partially relieve post operative nausea, and has been shown in studies to be more effective than drugs commonly given for the same purpose.

Although it is also helpful for aiding morning sickness, there are warnings in Chinese medicine about its use during pregnancy, so see your doctor before taking it if you are pregnant.


Health Benefits Of Ginger Root... For Allergy & MCS

It is an effective ingredient in many natural remedies for allergies, as it aids allergies and chemical sensitivity. There are a large number of health conditions that this herb will help.

When using this herb for healing, it is most commonly the Ginger root extract that is used by natural health practitioners. 

While it used to be an alternative medicine, main stream doctors have now recognized that there are health benefits of natural herbal remedies containing ginger root extract to help many conditions.

The root of the plant is used to create an extract which is known to be helpful to aid seasonal allergy symptoms, also known as allergic rhinitis or spring allergies. 

Its use in Chinese herbal remedies for allergy is well known, as it is both an expectorant and helps respiratory problems. Its action dilates the bronchial tubes, and it also has an excellent decongestant action.

It may assist sinus infections and will help to relieve sinus inflammation that may be causing sinus headache issues. 

Drinking fresh ginger root tea may be beneficialDrinking fresh ginger root tea may be beneficial

Drinking fresh ginger root tea may be beneficial as it has a strong decongestant action, and may also settle an upset stomach related to food allergies. Its action as one of the natural cold treatments has also been proven. 

There are many health benefits of ginger root as it acts as a decongestant, clears catarrh, helps respiratory problems, brings down a fever and has a strong pain relieving action that may aid strep throat and influenza.

Ginger is one of the antiviral treatments used in herbal remedies. It may also help to enhance your immune system health.


Ginger Health Benefits... Side Effects and Standards

There are some side effects to Ginger usage. As ginger has an action to increase the potency of prescription medicines that prevent blood clots, it may cause unexpected bleeding.

Ginger Plant in FlowerGinger Plant in my own garden in Flower

So if you are on any medications, discuss it with your doctor before taking it. 

It is also not recommended to be used if you have gallstones, as it may interfere with your ability to absorb iron and fat soluble vitamins.

It can also cause slowing of the nervous system that leads to drowsiness and sedation. Too much Ginger can cause irregular heartbeat and gastric problems.

To reap the full health benefits of ginger root, if you are going to take remedies made from this herb, it is important for you to choose a ginger root extract that is made from a standardized extract of the ginger root.

Use products made by pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities. They may be dearer, but you will be getting a product that contains enough of the active ingredients to help your health problems.

Cheaper products may not, as they can contain little or no active ingredients, as they are considered dietary supplements.

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