Health Benefits Of Drinking Water... 

How Does Water Aid Detoxification?

Written By Liz Oakes

Know the benefits of drinking water? Water carries out a very important role in the body, to aid detoxification and keep your system running smoothly.

How much water should you drink each dayHow much water should you drink each day

There are a number of advantages of drinking enough, as when you do not have sufficient water in your system, it cannot work properly.

Water bathes the cells in the body and carries nutrients, including vitamins and minerals to the cells, and removes toxins, taking them away for elimination.

You may not receive the nutrients you require or be able to eliminate toxins that are known to be the cause of many health problems, that may be prevented by the simply addition of extra water.

If you have any type of health issues, it is important to drink enough water to flush out any excess toxins. You will probably find that you feel better when you are adequately hydrated.

Maybe you wonder how to drink more water, especially if you need to increase the amount of water you drink for health reasons.

It is really quite easy and highly beneficial. There are a number of things you can do to get started on increasing the amount of water you drink.

There are many health benefits of drinking water, so although you may not like the taste, especially if you have been drinking tap water, that can be remedied by filtering your water.

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Dehydration and Heart Problems

The benefits of drinking water are obvious when you read about the large number of negative health effects related to dehydration, including heart problems.

There was a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002 that found a strong link between the amount of water drunk and the risk of heart disease.

These important health issues have been linked to a lack of water, as dehydration can elevate risk factors such as blood viscosity.

It was found that if men drank more than five glasses of water per day, their risk of heart disease was substantially reduced.

You may find that there is a significant diminishing of a number of health problems just by drinking more water. 

For women, three to four glasses of water per day significantly reduced their risk of developing the disease.

There are benefits of drinking water, and if you notice your skin is dry this is one early indicator that you need to drink more water.

If you are depressed or you have brain fog and cannot think clearly, this may also be linked to your water intake.

List Of Symptoms of Dehydration... Removing Toxins

Water moves through your body performing an important role by preventing dehydration. By increasing your water intake you may find that this problem is substantially relieved, and you may also discover other health benefits of drinking water.

Here is a list of a number of symptoms of dehydration including...

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Feeling hungry
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches... including migraines
  • Constipation

If the color of your urine becomes darker, and has a strong odor, this is one of the common signs of dehydration that may let you know that you need more water.

Many chemically sensitive people experience bad headaches that are related to dehydration. This is an important sign that you should increase your water intake as this will aid toxins you have in your body to be more easily eliminated.

There are many benefits of drinking water, and a build up of toxins in the bowel caused by slow elimination can be linked to dehydration.

Not drinking enough water may lead to constipation, which is an issue that many people suffer from.


Constipation is one of the symptoms of dehydration that can be helped by increasing your intake of water.

Also related to the same area of the body is bowel cancer, which is becoming one of the more prevalent cancers in the population.

So take note of the symptoms of dehydration so you can help to prevent this problem. Increasing how much water you drink has been found to reduce your risk of developing this disease.

Benefits Of Lemon Water

Adding lemon to your first cup of water in the morning is also helpful to assist your body to remove toxins.

Simply squeeze the juice of half a small lemon into water, which you can have either at room temperature or warmer.

Benefits of drinking lemon waterThere are benefits of drinking lemon juice in water, known as lemon water

Take this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Drinking lemon water every day is advantageous, as you will experience a number of health benefits.

Benefits include an improvement in your digestion, and because lemon water is rich in vitamin C it boosts your immune system.

Lemon water also aids weight loss as it makes you feel less hungry. It helps your skin and it freshens your breath, and its a nice way to get more water into your system.

There are so many benefits of drinking water, and keeping hydrated prevents health problems and removes toxins from your body.

Drinking additional water may relieve back aches and pains, and will help most people feel better generally. This is important if you have allergies or chemical sensitivity as drinking extra water flushes toxins out of your system.


Benefits Of Drinking Water... How Much Is Enough?

Do you think you need to increase the amount you drink, now you know the benefits of drinking water?

Before you can work out how to drink more water, you need to think about how much is enough. There are a number of different recommended daily water intakes. 

A rule of thumb to work out how much water to drink relates to your weight. This is an approximation really, and it depends on if you weigh yourself in kilos or pounds.

It works like this. Take your weight in kilos and divide it by 30, so if you weigh 60 kg that would be two liters.

If you weigh yourself in pounds divide your weight in two, then the daily amount recommended to drink will be that much in ounces.

So if you weigh 130 pounds divide that by 2 so you would drink 65 liquid ounces or around 1.92 liters. So both systems work out to be approximately the same amount.

If you want to work out how much to drink in cups, one cup is approximately 250 ml or a quarter of a liter, or around 8 fluid ounces.

Of course there are also different sized cups, so measure how much the cup you usually use holds and this will give you a guide to use when working out how much to drink.

Other Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Did you know that the brain is said to be around 80-85 percent water?

The effect of a reduction in the amount of water on the area of the brain has been linked to being unable to think clearly, to depression and may even increase the risk of stroke.

Drinking enough water may aid improvements in leaky gut problems, arthritis, gout, body odor, skin problems, osteoporosis and even eye issues.

Additional water in the body may improve a number of health issues, as well as actually making you feel better. If you wish to increase your productivity, increase your water intake.

One of the important benefits of drinking water is that it will help you to think more clearly. Be aware that if you are allergic or chemically sensitive it is important that you drink clean water.

By filtering the water it also tastes better, and will help you to avoid allergens that may be affecting you, and may boost your immune system health. A reduction in muscular problems is one of the known health benefits of drinking water.

If you have aching joints you may benefit by increasing your water intake. The more water you have in your system the more you will remove toxins from your body.

This is important if you have any health issues, including if you simply feel tired and lethargic or when you have the flu or spring allergy symptoms.

Tips To Help You Drink More Water

If your work involves sitting at a desk, use a glass or porcelain jug, or a stainless steel water bottle of the right size.

Fill your cup or glass regularly, as there are so many health benefits of drinking water.

Another tip for how to drink more water is to see if you can find a container that holds your full daily amount, so that you can fill it once a day.

A good natural health choice where possible, is to make sure that you drink it all, especially in the summer when you may be perspiring more.

Drinking Water Helps Remove ToxinsDrinking Water Helps To Remove Toxins

When considering how much you need, remember that the amount you can drink with ease will depend on what your day entails.

If you have a very sedentary lifestyle you may require less. If your work entails physical exercise, or even leisure activities that make you sweat, then you may need to drink more water.

It also is different in the summer to the winter, so adjust the amount to suit.

The important thing is to use a safe container to hold your water, and if you can avoid water in plastic altogether this is probably best for your health.

If you have trouble working out how to drink more water, one way is to keep cooled filtered water on hand in the fridge. There are a number of different recommended daily water intakes.

A rule of thumb to work out how much water to drink relates to your weight, then keep a bottle that holds this amount in the fridge, so you will be aware of how much you have drunk each day.

There has been information in the press warning women not to drink water from plastic bottles that have sat in the sun, as it is linked to breast cancer, so take care where you leave it if your water is in a plastic bottle.

Drinking more water is one of the natural health solutions that may allow the body to remove acid build ups that are linked to gout symptoms and have been associated with arthritis.

If you are looking for ways to prevent gout, drinking water is one of the methods that may help you to avoid these conditions that cause painful joints and muscles.

Filtering Your Water

The most valuable of the tips for working out how to drink more water, is to consider the importance of what sort of water you are drinking.

It is especially important if you are allergic, that you ensure that you avoid the contaminants in tap water. Investing in a water filter is an easy way to avoid these toxins.

Many people have trouble drinking water, as they don't like the flavor of it. If you don't like how the water you drink tastes, filtering it may change that.

A good quality filter removes contaminants that may be causing the unpleasant taste, so learn about methods to filter water.

One of the ceramic water filters is a good choice, particularly one where the water is stored in a ceramic, clay or stainless steel dispenser.

Think about whether it may be beneficial for you to invest in one of the better kitchen water filters.

You could look at buying a quality ceramic water purifier which filter the water through ceramic filters to remove toxins and improve the quality of the water you drink.

If you live in an area where the water has fluoride added, and don't want to ingest it, you can also get ceramic filter candles that remove fluoride as well as other toxins.

One of the nice ceramic water purifiers or water crocks with an easy to use spigot faucet or tap at the bottom, is also quite attractive to have in your kitchen or office. It is easy to transfer filtered water to a glass bottle with a re-sealable lid, that you keep in the fridge.

There are a number of one and two litre stainless steel water flasks on the market, and this is a good amount to have available.

Having a safe container makes it easy to take water with you whenever you are going to a place other than home.

As there are so many benefits of drinking water, I have two 600 ml stainless steel water bottles on hand, that I take out with me if I am going walking or doing sport or other activities.

They have padded stretchable covers that help to keep the water cool on hot days.

Eliminates Toxins From Body... Aids Weight Loss

If you understand the need to remove environmental problems where possible, and have taken steps to remove toxic products from your home, ensure that you take care of detoxing your body too. 

Benefits to drinking more waterBenefits to drinking more water

By the role of water to bathe the cells of the body this will aid your uptake of nutrients, as well as help the elimination of toxins from the body.

One of the other health benefits of drinking water is that it also aids weight loss, and reduces hunger.

The body stores toxins in the fat, so it is important if you are losing weight to drink extra water to flush out the toxins that are released with the fat.

An easy natural health solution is to increase your intake of water, as this is a simple way to begin the process of detoxing your body. Increasing your water intake is a manageable method to assist your health.

It is particularly important to increase your water intake if you have health problems related to water retention. The body may retain water due to dehydration.

By drinking more water you may find that this problem improves and you may also lose weight.

My final tip is to set an alarm or alert to remind you to drink more water as this can make it easier.

A simple alert that goes off regularly, either on your phone or computer is the easiest way to set up a reminder to drink more water.

There are a number of easy actions you can take to get you started on increasing the amount of water you drink. Keep water with you and be aware of the amount you should drink, and this will help a lot.

There are so many health benefits of drinking water and you may find that you feel better when you are adequately hydrated.

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