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Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Healthy

Written By Liz Oakes

This article has bathroom ideas and hints about how to solve some of the different issues that may be associated with the health of your bathroom. 

Bathroom Ideas To Ensure Your Bathroom Is HealthyLearn Bathroom Ideas To Ensure Your Bathroom Is Healthy

This room is one of the areas of the home where some difficult to handle issues for the allergic or chemically sensitive individual may arise.

Problems in the bathroom can lead to the need to find solutions to cleaning issues that are often quite challenging to many of you, if you can't tolerate harsh cleaning products.

How to keep this room healthy is one of the more difficult challenges to overcome. It is important to look at different bathroom ideas to deal with the some of the health problems found in most bathrooms, including mildew and black mould.

Mildew removal and black mold removal are challenging, so it is crucial that you make every effort to circumvent these problems by good hygiene practices.

Keeping your bathroom healthy is extremely difficult to do without the use of strong chemicals. It is for this reason that I say that this room is quite challenging to manage.

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Bathroom Ideas For Preventing Mold and Mildew?

An important part of dealing with these problems, is to stop them occurring in the first place, and by taking some simple actions some problems can be prevented. 

If you are living with allergy, chemical sensitivity or other health issues, this is a one of a series of challenges that must be met.

The use of a high quality bathroom ceiling fan heater is the first step towards ensuring that the room remains free from mold and mildew.

Many shower cleaners are difficult to tolerate as they contain strong chemicals, and these can also have bad effects on your health.

Prevent the build up of problems by keeping a shower squeegee in the shower recess. Its easy to use and can be done quickly once it becomes a habit.

Take a moment after you finish showering every day, to go over the surfaces of the shower recess with your shower squeegee, removing as much water as possible after each time.

Once this action becomes a regular habit, this will go a long way towards prevention of two difficult problems.

Make sure that you run the fan for some time after you turn off the water, to allow it to completely remove any remaining steam from the room.

If you are looking for bathroom cleaning tips, an easy and low toxic alternative to some of the chemical cleaners is the use of bicarbonate of soda or bicarb soda as it is commonly called.

If you can tolerate the smell of vinegar, an easy method to clean the vanity and shower is to mix equal parts of bicarb soda and epsom salts and sprinkle on, then top with vinegar.

The vinegar will cause the powder mix to foam up, and this makes an excellent cleaning product, which is made from three items most of us have in the home and that are all non toxic.

Care Of Wet Bathroom Towels and Bath Mats

Use good quality organic bath towels if you can get them. Many cotton towels are quite thick, especially if you use top quality organic towels, so have more than one towel on the go at a time.

Take care to dry out wet towels and bathmats to prevent moldTake care to dry out wet towels and bathmats

If you have two showers a day, use different towels morning and night. Buy different colored towels and use a color coding system them so that you know which one you used last.

If you get mold or mildew in your towels this is usually the result of them remaining wet.

After you have finished showering, remove the bath towels from the room, so that they can dry out.

Either hang them outside the room on a towel rack in an airy position, or place them in the dryer immediately. This is one of the bathroom ideas that is aimed at preventing mold and mildew building up in the fabric.

By knowing that the morning towel is a particular color and the evening towel another color you will make sure you alternate your towels and allow them to dry out properly.

Also have more than one bath mat so that this also dries out as well. Although less people are allergic to cotton, an alternative to cotton towels can be used.

Bamboo towels can now be bought as an alternative to cotton. If you have a hand towel next to the vanity, swap it at the same time you swap the bath mat so it too can dry out.

Bathroom Products

If you have an allergy or sensitivity to perfume, use fragrance free shampoo and conditioner, as well as fragrance free hypoallergenic soap to shower with, and find unperfumed hair products such as hair gel.

It is easy to let half empty or even almost full bottles of problem products sit there.

One of the very important bathroom ideas is to get rid of these items quickly once you discover they are a problem to your health.

Consider using more natural teeth whitening methods rather than harsh chemicals as this can also be beneficial.

Make sure that you remove all products that you do not really need to have in the bathroom, when you clear bathroom clutter.

These unwanted bottles build up dust and serve no purpose in being present in the room. If the toilet is also in the bathroom, keep the amount of toilet tissue stored in the bathroom at a minimum. 

As it may absorb water and contribute to the mold and mildew problem, if this happens it would not be good for your personal hygiene.

Each of the above items are important to the overall health of the bathroom. If any of the above issues are a problem, take each of the bathroom ideas and look at it separately, working out the best way that you can handle it.

You could make changes in the room gradually, but my suggestion is to make a list of what needs to be done and get on with it. Creating positive changes in your bathroom leads to positive changes in your health.

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