Using Allergy Free Bedding... 

May Aid You To Get Better Sleep

Written By Liz Oakes

Allergy free bedding may help you if you if find that you can't sleep very well. This may help you if you also feel unwell and can't discover why.

You may be reacting to the chemicals used in making non-organic bedding, and that are hard to wash out.

Allergy safe beddingSleep better using allergy safe bedding

There are a couple of issues to consider with your bedding. The first is the fabric that the sheets, blankets, pillows, comforters and mattress are made from, which is one part of the puzzle.

The other part entails whether your bedding is free from chemicals that may have been added during the manufacturing process.

Using safe bedding material is a natural health solution that may assist you if you want to work out how to sleep better.

It is important that your bedroom is as safe as you can possibly make it, and using good quality low allergenic organic bedding may be what is needed to allow you to sleep better and to get completely well.

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Why Use Allergy Free Bedding?

Although brand name bedding sold in developed countries has previously been known to be safe, that may no longer be the case.

More of our big companies are sending their goods offshore to be manufactured, as the wages in third world countries are lower. 

Some of this bedding may be safe, but you can be sure that if it is labeled organic, it will be safe regardless of where it is grown.

This means that you can no longer be sure that the allergy free bedding that you previously bought from a company is safe.

This is part of the reason why I believe that organic bedding may be a better answer for allergic and chemically sensitive people.

Another part of the reason is of course the environmental issues. Even if you're not a greenie, consider why you might like to investigate this as an alternative. 

Although there are theories about what makes those with allergies and sensitivities sick, if you have these problems you are probably aware that the presence of chemicals can and does make you sick.

Therefore the lower the level of chemicals being used in the world the greater chance you have of getting better.

Allergy Free Bedding ... Types of Safe Bedding

When you are looking at your bedding there are a number of items in the bedroom that you may need to replace, so its important to know what options you may have available to you.

Allergy free beddingUse Allergy Free Bedding

Organic bedding is now available in almost all of the different types of allergy safe bedding. 

One of the reasons why you may decide to replace items may be if you have tested positive to dustmite allergies.

If this is the case, that you are allergic to dust mites, you would have to consider whether you need to replace big items that may be impregnated with dust and dustmites if they are not washable.

Supposing you think it may be your bedding that is causing your problems, you need to track down the item or items in your bedroom that may be the culprits.

This includes the mattress itself and then moving up from there layer by layer as there are a number of layers most of us put on the bed.

Although you may have been sleeping on a bed that has had an odor problem, you may have covered it with an allergy mattress cover or put a mattress pad over it.

On top of that you probably have your sheets and depending on the weather you might have a blanket or in the cooler times of the year a comforter.

Allergy Safe Bedding... Think About Using Organic

If you have had allergy testing, perhaps you may find that you have allergies to a specific fabric.

This is why it is often safer to be tested, although this will not absolutely determine the answer as you may still react anyway.

Cotton bed sheets, including sheets made from organic cotton and pillow covers are easily available and usually the first natural fabrics most people trial. This is a good natural health idea that is easy to try!

allergy free organic pillowUse an allergy free organic pillow

Allergy free bedding may be made from other fabrics too, such as pure linen, bamboo or lovely merino wool bedding.

Pillows and comforters may be made from a range of different materials. These include latex (rubber), feathers and down, cotton and wool as well as pillows and doonas.

Polyester pillows have commonly been labeled hypoallergenic bedding. But polyester pillows are made from chemicals so reconsider if they are the best choice for your ongoing health.

The use of natural materials is in my opinion a good way to go, and using organic bedding is a safer alternative.

This does of course assume you are able to acquire them easily. Now that there are excellent suppliers of organic bedding, who supply quality bedding at reasonable prices, it is better to use organic products if you can.

Organic bedding, including lovely safe organic pillows, will of course be chemical free.

Using an organic wool pillow might be to be a good way to go for chemically sensitive individuals, or another alternative is to get an organic latex pillow.

Allergy Free Bedding For Sleeping Better

It is important to take the step to clear unwanted stuff from your bedroom, if you have not already done this. By first clearing clutter from the room, you will take the first step to create a healthy sleeping environment. 

After that you need to look at the possibility that something in your actual bed may be making you sick.

Changing your bedding to allergy free bed linen is an easy, natural health solution that is possible to do quite quickly and easily.

If you would like to work out how to sleep better, particularly if you have been regularly feeling sick, looking at the health of your bed is the beginning.

You may also like to check out my tips for sleeping better to see if any lifestyle changes may be beneficial, and you can also consider using natural insomnia remedies to help you to sleep better.

If it means the difference between good health and continuing to feel unwell it may be necessary to just do it as this may be the key to how to sleep better!

While it may be costly to completely change over to all allergy free bedding straight away, be aware that you are worth it, so take action and look at what is needed long term to make sure you are healthy.

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