About Me... Welcome!

Hello and welcome! My name is Liz and I am the founder and author of the articles on this site. My aim in starting this website is to share information about natural health and healing and assist you to learn how you can use natural remedies to help your life.

TurmericTurmeric is one of my favorite natural herbal remedies

This website is for anyone who wants to take responsibility for your own healing, whether by taking natural remedies or by doing energy healing on yourself.

What you discover will also enable you to help your loved ones if this is applicable.

I am passionate about using any type of natural method possible to improve your health, including using the amazing power of your mind.

I am enthusiastic about the fact that you can utilize natural remedies, vitamins and minerals and natural healing methods to make a difference in your own life.

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My Interest In Natural Healing

My working background has been in the corporate world, and has been quite diverse.

It included time working for large companies in their accounts area, and working with my husband when he was a realtor or real estate agent as it is called where I live here in Australia.

Working with the public allowed me to see that there are a lot of people in the world who need help, but who will not ask anyone else to assist them.

I am happy that I am able to aid people to get the information they need more easily, through simply reading information on my web-sites.

I founded this web-site to help people to discover more about natural health, methods of natural healing and a range of natural remedies, including herbal remedies.

I have had an interest in natural healing since I found out how chiropractic worked at the age of six when my older sister married a chiropractor.

So the idea that you could use natural healing methods to help you to get over health issues gradually became fixed in my mind as I grew up.

When my son was born, and he got quite sick at the age of nine months, I took him to my chiropractor for treatment as that was where I went for healing.

Actually I should also say we went there for naturopathy, homeopathy and iridology, as he had all those qualifications.

I found out exactly how effective natural healing methods were and that they worked.

At that time and since I have discovered that there are a large number of natural remedies or supplements that are very helpful to aid you to improve the quality of your life.

I also learned that eating a good diet and taking vitamins and minerals makes a difference to whether you recover from sickness.

Along the way I also discovered the power of healing crystals. I now have a large and diverse collection of crystals and have found out about the many ways that you can use them for self healing.

You can combine the use of healing crystals with other natural healing methods including natural remedies and energy healing. All these methods can be mixed together, you don't need to choose one over the other as they all have their place.

Healing Training and Meditation

Many years ago I attended a class on how to meditate, and I discovered how valuable daily meditation was to my health. Meditation helps you on many levels, as it can aid you to deal with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues.

candle flame

Once I began to meditate regularly I discovered how much my life changed for the better.

This daily practice also moved my spiritual development forward, as I regularly made contact with Spirit and with my spirit guides.

Around that period I also began to use crystals, doing a daily crystal meditation.

I read a lot of books, including inspirational books on healing, law of attraction books, personal development, EFT tapping, crystal books and of course books on so called alternative health methods and natural remedies.

I highly recommend that you educate yourself fully by reading some of the many excellent books that have been published. It is also helpful to read articles on the many benefits of improving your nutrition and how natural remedies can help you.

Over twelve years ago now I started my first healing training, when I had my first Reiki one attunement. Over a period of years I did three different Reiki levels with two different teachers.

Reiki is a lovely healing method, a system for self transformation and expansion of consciousness. This is a gentle healing modality, that channels pure Universal Life Force Energy via the hands. At each level the amount of energy is expanded, and the vibration of the practitioner is increased.

As well as my training in Reiki, over the years I have also attended training in quite a few different healing modalities, as healing has become my passion. I am still continuing to do courses, and learning how to do various healing practices.

It is helpful to follow your intuition in this regard, and it is of value to ensure you educate yourself in healing methods that personally resonate with you.

Each of you have a personal path that is where you need to be, so allow yourself to go with what calls you, as its is possible to be healed in a variety of different ways and through many healing methods.

Citrus Flowers

As I continue to write more articles on this site I hope to be able to cover more of these natural healing methods.

You will through this be able to get an idea of how they work and whether you want to do them yourself.

Already there are a number of articles on meridian tapping, also known as EFT tapping and how to use it on yourself.

This is a powerful method to obtain fast emotional healing, using meridian tapping, including how to relieve stress.

Included is a well illustrated EFT tapping points chart to assist you. EFT is a very powerful and easy to do self healing method.

Thank You!

We live in a time where energy healing is of a higher vibration. As we all lift our vibration by doing vibrational healing, the world will improve.

It is wonderful to be able to be the conduit to assist others to heal, and I am grateful for the healing that I also receive from spirit while doing healing on others.

Thank you for visiting here, I hope you enjoy reading the articles on my natural health and healing site and I look forward to sharing my excitement and interest in this subject with you.

Through this site I hope that I can assist you to make a difference in your life.

With much love... blessings