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The benefits of astragalus root extract for aiding the immune system is well known, especially as part of Chinese herbal medicine, where it is used to strengthen the immune system. The part of the astragalus herb used to make tinctures is the root.

Dried Astragalus herbDried Astragalus herb Image © cc-sa

Astragalus root extract is commonly used in Chinese herbal remedies, and these are excellent tonics to create an increase in your energy levels. 

This may be helpful to you if you have multiple chemical sensitivity or allergies that make you feel tired or lethargic.

The American variety of this herb, known as locoweed, is not the one used to make herbal remedies. The specific variety of Astragalus herb used to make herbal tinctures is grown in China.

There are claims that the Chinese variety induces the production of interferon, an important natural chemical that aids the immune system.

It is known to increase the white blood cell count, and stimulate the growth of antibodies and create a resistance to both virus's and bacteria. This herb may be combined with other immune boosting herbs, in addition to its use as an adrenal gland fatigue treatment.

Benefits Of Astragalus Root Extract

There are quite a few benefits of astragalus root extract, including being a useful tonic to enhance overall comfort and well-being, and is known to heighten energy levels. There are a number of astragalus benefits to aid you to recuperate after illness.

It is important to understand that it is only the Chinese variety of this herb that is beneficial to use. The Chinese herb is readily available, and the astragalus membranaceus root extract remedies are well known for their effectiveness.

The American herb called locoweed, is known to contain neurotoxins that have bad side effects... so do not use the locoweed variety.

Benefits Of Astragalus Extract ... Why Use It?

Astragalus is categorized as one of the immune system herbs, and has been in use in Chinese medicine for about 2000 years. The root of the astragalus herb is used to make an extract that is the active ingredient in remedies made from this Chinese herb.

Astragalus HerbAstragalus Herb.Image © cc-sa

It is one of the Chinese tonic herbs, called this due to its positive effect and because you can take it every day without this impacting you negatively.

This herb is known to strengthen your resistance to infection, as it is one of the natural antiviral herbs. It will help you to deal with fatigue better and is helpful if you have been experiencing on-going stress. 

The extract produced from the Astragalus root acts as an adaptogen that has an excellent function to aid the immune system.

It's effectiveness is well known to assist the body to have a greater resistance to infection. The natural metabolism of the body can cause free radicals to form, and their action can create oxidative damage in your cells.

This damage is related to the aging process, so it is important to help to prevent this process from happening. This anti aging herb combines well with other herbs.

It may be found combined in remedies with herbs that are both anti inflammatory and hepa protective...  including herbs such as turmeric, milk thistle and schisandra berry.

Benefits Of Astragalus ... For Colds And Flu

You may get the extract made from the astragalus root in supplements that are combination remedies that also contain other herbs, and in particular mixed with other herbs for the immune system.

Astragalus HerbAstragalus Herb. Image © cc-sa

Ancient Chinese texts were said to have recommended that it be mixed with other herbs to enhance the effectiveness of the other herbs.

It is also an effective remedy to use to help asthma as it aids lung function.

This herb will aid adrenal exhaustion as it helps the adrenal glands, which may be why it is effective to aid fatigue generally.

Many immune system supplements contain this herb mixed with vitamins and minerals and other natural herbs that are known to aid the immune system.

Herbs such as elderberry, andrographis, echinacea and goldenseal root tinctures are found in many of these combination remedies, and it may also be found along with other herbal adaptogens.

It does depend on what health conditions the biochemist who makes the remedies wish to help. Combinations of all of these herbs are commonly found as ingredients in natural lozenges, that you may suck if you have a sore throat. 

Its anti-inflammatory action makes it an effective remedy to help spring allergies, and it may aid you if you have the symptoms of spring allergies as it is known to inhibit the release of histamine from mast cells.

As the benefits of astragalus are well-known to aid the body to fight colds and flu, it is a common and very effective part of many natural remedies for cold and flu

Benefits Of Astragalus ... Enhances Energy

It is an adaptogenic herb that encourages wellbeing, and it enhances your energy levels. The benefits of Astragalus extract also involve its action as a tonic. 

It produces energy to combat fatigue, increase stamina and help prolonged stress.

This action to boost your energy levels is very helpful to assist you if you have symptoms of MCS, also known as multiple chemical sensitivity. It also helps chronic fatigue which is a closely related health problem.

It is being studied for its action to protect the body against heavy metals and chemical toxins, so this may be an important herb for those who have a build up of toxins in the liver.

This herb improves digestion and this relates to its role to lower acidity in the stomach. It also helps waste elimination to be easier and quicker, so it may aid you if you have constipation.

It is also known to aid the metabolism to work more efficiently, and is beneficial to strengthen the heart, and to generally improve its function, and may help to protect you from developing high blood pressure.

Astragalus Herb Aids FatigueAstragalus Herb Aids Fatigue, Image © PhotoVic

Natural herb based remedies made from astragalus extract are very beneficial immune system herbs that are very easy to use.

You will often find Astragalus in cold or flu remedies as it has a good action as one of the natural immune system boosters.

It is commonly used in combination with other immune boosting herbs, as well as being used as a treatment for the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

It can be used as a treatment for mononucleosis, and is specifically helpful if combined with codonopsis and myrrh.

It also aids the spleen and the liver, and this liver strengthening is of great benefit to many chemically sensitive people, as liver problems are quite common if you have chemical sensitivity.

Benefits Of Astragalus Herb ... Side Effects

There are few side effects, although it must be noted that if you are on prescription drugs such as immunosuppressants or anti-viral medications it may interfere with their action.

Drink Astragalus root herbal teaDrink Astragalus root herbal tea

Its action boosts the way any other remedies work, so if you are using any medications check with your doctor whether you may combine them with this herb.

You may also get this herb as an ointment, that is best used on unbroken skin, not on open wounds, and is excellent to aid healing as it is anti-bacterial.

Using the tea may be beneficial way to have it during the winter months, to enhance your immune function.

Astragalus tea is a restorative as it boosts energy levels and makes you feel good. It is easy to use on a daily basis, and is an easy and effective way to boost your immune system function.

There are a number of other health problems that may be helped by this herb. As the astragalus root is high in polysaccharides it is said to have a beneficial effect on insulin resistance and hyperglycemia.

One of the benefits of astragalus is that it may also help herpes, and many users find that their herpes does not flare up as often when taking this herb.

You can get astragalus as a tincture or as a dried herb. Astragalus root tea is becoming more well known as a herbal tea that you may use to aid your healing.

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